April Snow

April Snow is the title of a movie I’m interested to see.

April Snow
April Snow

While driving along Gwanghwamun from a trip at Changdeokgung (palace), I saw this bus with a movie billboard on its side, a common site in Seoul’s busiest streets.
On the billboard was Bae Yong Joon and Son Ye Jin, stars of the soon-to-be-shown movie “April Snow.” BYJ, aka as “Yonsama” in Japan, was Choi Ji Woo’s love interest in one of Korea’s most popular drama series “Winter Sonata”. Son Ye Jin is the female lead of “The Classic”, one of my favorite Korean movies.
You might want to visit April Snow’s website. It’s now online. The movie will open on the 8th of September.


  1. BYJ was sexy handsome Korean Actor made me crazy,
    So I would like to visit Korea
    I would like you visit Thailand
    much love

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