Daniel Henney and the Philippines

So what’s the connection?
Both were featured in a Korean women’s fashion magazine called “an-an”? I was at the neighborhood bookstore at lunchtime taking refuge from the downpour. I saw this magazine with a sexy hunk on the cover who turned out to be Daniel Henney. So many sexy pictures of him inside! As I flipped the magazine through, I saw a model posing in a sandy white beach… in the Philippines! The fashion spread was shot in an island somewhere in my country.
I would have bought the magazine but it was expensive at 4,900 KRW. It’s available online at 4,100 KRW.

Daniel Henney on the cover
Daniel Henney on the cover

The Philippines is a favorite tourist destination for Koreans. Glad to know that one of my favorite Korean actors, Daniel Henney, has been to my beloved country. I hoped he had a great time while shooting for the magazine.


  1. for me daniel is so very gorgious! a very yummy man! he he he! he’s so cute hope to see him kim sam sooooooon!!!!!

  2. daniel reminds me of my crush sam adjdani they look like the same!!!! they have the same smile!!!! i love u daniel!!u remind me of sam!!!!

  3. Daniel Henney makes me drool! ^O^. He’s like the guy who’ll make you wish you’ll bump into him in your lifetime, just to have the chance to see his smile in person.

  4. Isn’t An-An a japanese mag? I’m not really sure. Well it’s always happening that the philippine’s best beaches get to be locations for photoshoots.

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