Any kind of HELP is badly needed

I’m reposting this email that I got from a fellow Pinoy here in Korea.

I am humbly seeking your assistance in behalf of our fellow Pinoy Marlito Palma. His house at Kwangju, Seoul was burned last January 7. He was diagnosed to have severe inhalation injury and deep 2nd degree burn on face and both hands. Currently, he’s confined at the ICU section of Bestian Medical Center, Kangnam, Seoul but he will be transferred somewhere near Dongdaemum.
If you wish to help, pls contact:
Prof. Marlon Aves Diloy
Computer Information Division
Yeungjin College
Daegu South Korea
(+82) 010.6430.7492 – Mobile – email


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  1. thanks a lot for everything.. Marlito died 7:30am today. His body will be repatriated soon. Let’s just offer Prayers for his soul and for the people he left behind.

  2. im sorry for what happened to marlito palma.i even not share anything of help for him we hope our fellow filipino will pray for his soul.

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