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I had some “free” time today and I spent it snooping at Song Il Guk’s and Han Hye Jin’s mini homepages on the internet. I like Jumong a lot and I just can’t help but be interested in its actors as well. So yeah, I’m a fan… but not like several years ago when being a fan was almost like a career (not proud of it). Being a stay-at-home mom makes me so busy so the only time I can be a “fan” is when my eight-month old son takes his afternoon nap, and that means only a few minutes a day. I can’t be as fanatic as those who posts on bulletin boards. In fact, there is only one BB that I visit and I think is worth my time.
Anyway, so I spent my “fan” minutes today visiting Song Il Guk’s minihomepage. While I’m not really into So Seono (played by Han Hye Jin), I spent the rest of those minutes peeking at her site too. I am amazed by Song Il Guk’s athleticism, as evidenced by the photos on his site. He seems to be a really good son too. He has pictures of his family and grandparents on the site. The main background music he used is the piano version of “Heaven Please”, along with other Korean songs (one of which is also my favorite – “Uri Sarang Idaero” from one of Jang Dong Gun’s movies). The main message on his site is a holiday greeting, while the latest photo was posted in the summer of last year. He must have been very busy the past few months. I like his photo section with the fans and with his co-stars in Jumong.
I love the pictures in Han Hye Jin’s minihome-p in Cyworld. She’s got a lot of personal pictures including those of her taken by “boyfriend Naul. They were captioned “photo by Naul”. She also seems to be religious since there are poems and photos related to Christianity.
The websites are best viewed with Internet Explorer (as most Korean websites are) with pop-ups allowed.

  1. hello po ate..
    astig talaga site/blog nyo…
    amazing din yung mga entries nyo..
    by the way po
    addicted po ako sa Hallyu
    at ganun din sa Jumong pinapalabas po siya ngaun dito sa Pilipinas thru Ch.7.
    thanks po pala sa blog site nila. ang cute ng blog lalo na mga pics nila.
    marunong po kasi ako ng Hangul kaya naman kahit papaano nakatulong sa pag surf sa mga site nila.hehehe
    pero hindi nga lang ako marunong masalita ng Korean
    gusto ko sana mag aaral pero mukhang mahirap..hahaha:P
    keep up the good work ate
    sana po ma-maintain nyo yung site nyo..
    Thanks po uli.

  2. nyahaha…LoL ^_^
    don’t have to post my comment though,just thought that you’re gonna ignore me.. wahaha ,thanks anyway..
    i just really admire you.. for creating and maintaining this kind of blog site and everything. i know that its for your own satisfaction, but just wanna show my appreciation anyway..

  3. I’ve accessed the mini home page of Hye-jin. The problem is I can’t understand Korean. Just wondering if there’s an english site for the web page that we can browse, though there was a time that I was able to view some writings in english, (at the photo page), but this only happened once. just can’t do it again. I think it happened by accident and since my computer crashed just a few days ago, i can no longer view it in english. hihihihi, any help would be very much appreciated.

  4. By the way, since the the mini home website is interpreted as a popup by internet browsers, the only way to view it is to configure your browser, including yahoo popup blocker to allow the site. 🙂

  5. Hello…good afternoon.I already finished the drama series of Jumong hru DVD. I really like Song Il Gook a lot. Kaya I keep on searching all his movie and drama in DVD’s. And I’ve seen “Art of Seduction”. Syang at di ako marunong mag-search thru korean writing. But I do hope more articles on Song Il Gook will be coming up. More power to you and your family. mabuti na lang at masipag kang mag-search at ibahagi ang bagay with regards to Song Il Gook. Thank you very much.

  6. hello po… may itatanong lang po ako.. alam nyo po ba kung ano yung kanta sa jumong na babae ang kumanta na keyboard ang umpisa? kasi po pinapahanap sa akin yung kantang yun at kailangan ko pong cifrahin. thanks po.pkiemail nalang po ako…

  7. yung mga kantang nasa mini homepage ni song -il gook po yung sinasabi ko ate … yung mga instrumental na pinapatugtog sa page na yun!!! please po sana ma2lungan nyo ako… kasi po may 1 week ako para maprepare yung mga 22g2gin ko sa symposium na may mga korean delegates, eh yun po pinapatugtog sa akin ng boss ko, di ko alam mga titles kaya di ko maidownload.please po…thanks talaga

  8. ay sorry….and2 pala title nun… heaven please… i need the artist who sang the song para maidownload ko po sana.. thnx uli ,…cenxa na po

  9. hi (ate) betchay,,,,
    i think ive been visiting your site last year pa… pero lately ko lang nakita tong topic na to.. haha…
    i’m a Jumong fan, na hanggang ngayon i still re-watch the episodes kung saan mischievous pa sya like yung hinahabol-habol nya yung Palace maid… and yung travel nya to the Damul bow…
    thank you very much for keeping us updated sa korean wave happenings…

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