Raw liver, anyone?

Remember the character “Dochi” in Jumong? He’s the head of a merchant group associated with smuggling. He’s also a supporter of Prince Youngpo. In some episodes of the drama, you’ll find him eating something yucky. That is raw liver! My eldest sister-in-law (keun hyongnim) once served it for dinner. I like trying new foods and I do eat liver but I don’t have the stomach to try it raw. Yaiks!

dochi devouring a piece of raw liver
dochi devouring a piece of raw liver in episode six of jumong
raw liver
my ‘keun hyongnim’ served this once for dinner

  1. haha!
    ive seen that episode!
    i thought it was just some “liver-looking-candies”
    pero totoong liver pala!

  2. raw liver is actually very good and healthy for anemic patients! i’d rather eat raw liver than eat snails lol… raw liver is actually a delicacy in many countries. its delicious cooked with onions ( salt, and all spices) feel the sweet taste of the onions and the liver with the 7 spices is yumm yumm yumm.. and its just as good raw! but you gotta be careful, you gotta tell the butcher to give you the freshest of liver he has and make sure its not full with a certain parasite ( he will know from its color, and i am sure he wont cheat you or else, you come kill him hehehe).
    ps. goat and lamb are the only raw liver ot be eaten!

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