The last episode…

Tonight at 950PM, MBC will show the last episode of Jumong. The drama series was originally 60 episodes but they extended it to 81 episodes due to high ratings. Unlike other dramas that were extended, this one is never boring. In fact, I feel sad that it’s going to end tonight. I want more of JUMONG!!!
Last night’s episode is a tearjerker. Sorry, but I will not post any spoiler here. The teaser for tonight’s episode was shown and whoa, did that really happen? Hehehe… There was a news feature on historical dramas last week. One history professor said that some situations shown in the historical dramas nowadays are highly fictional and were made for dramatic/romantic effect. Anyway, I still enjoy these historical dramas but I just don’t let myself get carried away. I often ask my husband, whose favorite subject is history, whether the situations presented are real or not. He always end up consulting the internet or asking our “keun hyongnim” (eldest sister-in-law), who used to be a teacher.
Regarding the romantic scenes injected in the dramas, I don’t really concentrate on them too much. With regards to Jumong, half the focus on the earlier episodes were given to the love story of Jumong and Soseono. Whether their “love story” is true or not is debatable. I just feel a little bit disappoined that sugary love stories are injected to attract viewers.
I expect that the last episode would be “good”… as in very different from the “Hae Shin” or “Emperor of the Sea”, which I also enjoyed. My husband read to me the spoiler for the ending last weekend, just to get back at me for mocking his “sadness” over the death of one of the main characters in “Dae Jo Young”.

  1. hahaha.. i personally would love to read a spoiler for tonites last episode… btw is it true that SIG is not coming to cebu?

  2. Please send to my email add the team song memory of love I really love that song, and includiNG heaven, PLEASE, THANKS A LOT

  3. tnx 2 post ur sereis in our country i took more lesson from ur drama but i must be love your son name by youri i much better love your drama i wish you have another drama to come our country arigato gusaimasu

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