winter is jealous of the spring flowers

꽃샘추의 or “kkot saem chu ui” is a korean expression meaning “sudden frost in the blooming season” (according to Daum’s dictionary). We’ve had a really good warm almost-spring weather the past several days with temperatures in the afternoon almost reaching two digits. However, yesterday was really cold with flurries in the afternoon. This morning’s temperature is negative seven (-7). Koreans say that winter is jealous of the spring flowers, so the expression “kkot saem chu ui”. I have packed our winter jackets as early as last week, but I guess I’ll have to wear them today when I go to the grocery.
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  1. just wanted to let you know that it’s 꽃샘추위 not 꽃샘추의 🙂

  2. kamusta po…
    isa po akong ESL teacher dito sa vietnam. May student po ako na koreans na gusto ako isama dyan kasi babalik na sila ng korea. pano po kaya ang visa ko, pede ba yung sila ang mag sponsor ng visa ko?
    thanks po

  3. 꽃샘
    꽃샘 a cold (windy) weather in the blooming season
    추위 the cold;coldness;cold weather;a chill;chilliness
    [사전] a sudden frost;spring frost
  4. hello, can anyone tell me or teach me korean language?? what is the first step or use to learn korean language before i got vacation in seoul??
    hope anyone could help me.. thanks in advance…

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