The Nalja Project

NGO to assist migrant women to visit homeland during vacation
This was posted by a Filipino in a mailing list. I think this is a really good idea. Plane tickets to the Philippines is sooooo expensive. I’ve been checking the internet for fares back home and the cheapest one I’ve seen by far is about $380 for a 15-day roundtrip via Cebu Pacific. Asiana and Korean Airlines charges about a $100 more. Add to that is the airport fee or tax which is almost $70.
My son and I will be travelling to the Philippines this weekend for a month’s vacation. The plane fare is just outrageously expensive, considering that it’s not even the peak season. Last year when a friend went back home for her summer vacation, she paid almost $900 for a 15-day roundtrip ticket. That’s almost the same fare for a 90-day roundtrip ticket to the United States!
The Nalja Project is a really great idea. Not a lot of Filipinas (or Vietnamese) who married Koreans can afford to go back to their hometowns for a vacation. It’s also a good chance for their Korean husbands to learn about their background.

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