Lee Mi Yeon in Queen Myeongseong

I’m not so sure if Lee Mi Yeon is known internationally. I don’t know if any of her dramas or movies had been on Philippine air. Anyway, she is an A-lister in Korea. One of the most respected actresses of her generation, definitely not a one-hit-wonder. The other night, we (my husband and I) were reading an article about her. They said that she started at 18 yet now that she’s in her 30’s, her beauty hasn’t faded and she has not changed physically (read: no obvious evidence of plastic surgery). I so agree!
Lee Mi Yeon has acted in movies with several Hallyu stars like Jang Dong Gun (Typhoon), Lee Byung Hun (Addicted AND Harmonium in My Memory) and Park Shin Yang (Indian Summer). I like her most, though, in her drama “Queen Myeongseong” (Myeongseong Hwanghu – read more about her in this wikipedia article) which was aired a few years ago. Honestly, I didn’t see the whole drama. I just saw a couple of episodes when it was replayed early last year on KBS. The drama also stars Moon Geun Young as the young Myeongseong and Jung Junho (love him here!). It’s a historical drama about the intelligent and strong-willed queen of Chosun who was assassinated prior to the colonization of Korea by the Japanese. Here’s an MV of the drama. Watching the MV alone is enough to get an idea of what the drama is all about. The song is titled “If I Leave” sung by the famous Jo Su Mi. Of course, it’s not expected that the drama is 100% accurate. Like all other historical dramas, some scenarios were added for commercial effect.
The musical play of “Queen Myeongseong” is one of the most successful theatre acts in Korea. It has been reported that more than a million people have seen the play.

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    i’m so glad i found your blog. however, when i click the ‘contact me’ link, there’s no email add. i wanted to send you a private email, i have questions re pinoys living in korea.
    if you have time, kindly reply to my email. thanks for the posts, you have a great blog ^_^

  2. I think she’s a great actress [leemi yeon] currently watching her in the drama, crazy love/crazy in love. She and Yoon Kye Sang doesnt look too good in the first place but i think they have an interesting chemistry..
    yeah she aint too famous here in the phils..first time seeing her act in CIL.

  3. hi! currently watching ‘crazy for love ‘ here in manila and i must say she’s awesome acting wise and in the looks department as well. didn’t she used to be married to kim seung woo?

  4. Hi, I found your site while browsing for info on JDG. I just discovered him from our AZNTV here in Vallejo CA. Love his AAE drama and got hooked on Korean drama. I just ordered Sam Soon dvd, and can’t wait to see the beginning episodes. It’s not that easy for me to sit and watch TV due to a very hectic life, so dvd worked better for me. I can sit and watch whenever I can. Can you recommend a better source of dvd than Yesasia.com? Which i have a problem with their English subtitles.

  5. i’ve seen her drama, “crazy about love” and she looked really simple. but too bad, she is not known internationally, especially here in the Philippines.

  6. I’ve watched mi yeon first time in Typhoon I’ve been empressed with this actress although she isn’t so famous internationaly but she’s great and so nice I’ve watched crazy for you recently but I find hard to download her movies pleas could any body help me
    I need old films (no3- happieness has nothing to do- I’ll survive)

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