Korean embassy to stop accepting OFW visa applications

Bad news. It’s already difficult to get a visa to Korea. Now, the Korean embassy has decided to halt accepting OFW visa applications “temporarily.” This is because of the alleged extortion of the Bureau of Immigration officials to Koreans in the Philippines. The full story is posted on Inquirer’s website.
Koreans can enter the Philippines without a visa and stay as tourists for 21 days. However, there are some who try to ignore the visa law of the country by staying longer or by working or operating their business. The same can be said of some Filipinos in Korea. It’s just sad that now, the ordinary folks are the ones paying for the government’s faults.
Read the full story here.

  1. you know this is very disappointing. these people in the government that we should be looking up to, sila pa yung gumagawa ng mali. their wrongdoing makes a whole country suffer. paano naman yung mga gusto mag-work sa Korea? pahirapan na kumuha ng visa ngayon. i hope and pray that these things would be settled somehow.

  2. hi betchay! korek ka dyan… kawawa naman yung mga ibang tao na gusto magwork, at yung mga tulad ko din na gusto lang mag tour sa Korea. kasi pag papunta ng US, stopover lang sa Incheon airport, di naman makapasyal. baka maiwan ako ng eroplano! balak ko talaga mag stay kahit 3 or 4 days lang, mabisita yung mga places na nakikita ko sa koreanovela. especially, the recent one i finished watching, “Thank You” wiht Jang Hyuk ang Gong Hyo-jin, maganda yung place, mukhang sa province ginawa. sarap yata manghuli ng clams sa putikan! 🙂
    have a nice day!

  3. hello po sa inyo! i’m an esl teacher here in baguio city. kababasa ko nga lang po itong bad news na ito. as in hindi na talaga ako pwedeng mag-work sa korea kahit imbitahin pa po ako ng parents ng studyante ko? ganun po ba un??? i heard nangangailangan sila ng academy teachers sa korea. mahal daw kasi sa mga native speakers at sa mga korean teachers naman, hindi raw sila gaanong magaling sa speaking. i know i have the skill and the proper credentials to go with it (plus the looks!hahaha! if that counts…), but do you think i’d still be given a chance to at least prove my worth naman?
    please help…sabi ng mga studyante ko, magaling naman daw ako at masipag(and just so you know, i can already speak and understand korean in my 5 years of working with them!)… kaso sayang nga lang at wala po masyadong opportunity dito sa pilipinas… may korean expression sila sa ganun eh— a frog in a water well! huhuhu… please help me get out of my water well. tulad niyo, gusto ko rin po sanang umasenso or at least expand my horizon man lang po.help po…

  4. i was just wondering if its also that hard to get a tourist visa for korea..i been out of the country several times…and yes ive heared that goin to korea is a pain…and i would like to know what requirements do i need to have with me if apply for the tourist visa..help me out here please

  5. the best you will do is to marry a korean and that solves all your problem… Filipino Government needs to change into Communist….so that they will be discipline…just come here, jobs are waiting for you but it’s up to you how you can come here..and nobody can help you even koreans because Korea is a well discipline Country…

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