Iza Calzado in "The Echo"

Have you ever seen the movie “Sigaw”? Unless you’ve been living in the jungle, you’ve probably heard that Hollywood is remaking the movie. I have a DVD of the film but I haven’t seen it. I heard it’s really crazy and I haven’t had the time to watch it. It would be better to watch it with my husband or a friend 🙂 One of my favorite horror movies is the Thai film “The Eye”. My husband like it too, so I hope he’ll enjoy “Sigaw” as well if and when we finally watch the DVD.
Anyway, I surely am excited for Iza Calzado. I just read the news that she will reprise her role in the Hollywood remake. Iza is not only beautiful but talented as well. Someone we can truly be proud of (kapuso ka man o kapamilya). How I wish the movie will do well, like the other Asian horror films remade in Hollywood like “The Ring” and “The Grudge” which were made by the same company that will produce “The Echo”.
Read about Iza Calzado getting “The Echo” role here.

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