We (and millions of Koreans) had our summer vacation last week. Vacation season in Korea usually starts on the last week of July until mid-August. Airfare doubles during this period and this year is no exception. Thousands are spending their vacations abroad, while people like us either head to the local beaches, valleys, or any place where there is water. In our case, we spent our vacation in my parents-in-law’s house in Jecheon. I really wanted to go to the beach particularly in Anmyeon-do but most, if not all, lodging places have been fully booked since the start of the summer.
anmyeondoWell, two years ago I had the chance to visit Anmyeon-do on our way to Byeonsanban-do (more about this later). “-do” is a Korean suffix which means island or province.Anmyeon-do ( 36°30’27.07″N latitude; 126°20’28.73″E) is located in the province of Chungchungnam-do and is the 6th largest island in Korea. It is connected to the mainland by a viaduct. The island is famous for its swimming beaches, pine tree forest and fresh seafood. I’ve been to beaches in the east coast but I really prefer the ones in Anmyeon-do, probably because the ones in the east are too commercialized.
It was late spring when we went to the island. The water was a bit cold, but that didn’t stop us from getting our feet wet. We also tried to find some seashells but gave up at the last moment and just bought from the local merchants. The size of the sea creatures available is just amazing. I’ve never seen mussels as big as the ones in Anmyeon-do before. There are also some “funny”-looking seafood being sold in the market. I don’t know their names and I never tried them. Check out the pictures I took!
pict1792.JPG pict1787.JPG pict1801.JPG pict1804.JPG pict1837.JPG pict1834.JPG pict1835.JPG pict1781.JPG pict1784.JPG pict1779.JPG

  1. hello betchay!
    for sure, you had fun on your vacation! the beach looks really inviting and the seafood, yes, some looks weird, but siguro pag na-try mo na, you’ll like it naman ano?
    those pictures are so nice. i always look forward to the pictures you post here.
    have a good day!

  2. hello betchay!
    yes, dito na ako sa san pedro, laguna lumaki. 7 years old pa lang ako nung lumipat kami dito from quezon city. may mga realtives ka ba dito?
    naaaliw ako sa site mo, grabe! lately nga nag-inquire kami kung magkano pumunta sa Korea, grabe ang mahal! sabi nga ng mom ko, puntahan ko na lang sya sa amerika, kasi ganun din ang airfare. imagine, halos US$1,000.
    kaya naman hanggang di pa ako makaipon, i’ll keep myself informed by reading here in your site. keep up the good work ha! hugs 🙂

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