Kim Hee Seon's upcoming wedding

kim hee seon and park ju yeong
I’m so excited for Kim Hee Seon. Okay, we’re not close (yet!)… but she’s the first Korean actress that I noticed. She played the leading lady in the first Korean movie I ever saw. The movie is “Repechage”, where she starred opposite my Jang Dong Gun. I never really noticed her acting, and until now I still try to ignore her acting, but she’s one heck of a beauty and I like her nose (more than Han Ga In’s – said to have the ideal nose among Korean celebrities).
Kim Hee Seon turned 30 last June and got engaged only last month to Park Ju Yeong, a businessman. They will get married on October 19 at the Sheraton Walker Hill in Seoul. The hotel is a famous venue for celebrity weddings. Still unfamiliar with Kim Hee Seon? A few years ago, she played a blind singer in a drama she costarred with Kwon Sang Woo. She also did an international movie opposite Jackie Chan. And, she was the subject of a scandal several years ago for posing nude.

  1. out of topic po ito..
    pero ask ko lang po, if it’s easy to get a tourist visa sa korean embassy…i’m planning to go their po kasi baka around december… thanks po ate!!! and oh, by the way, you got a nice site!!!:D

  2. hi shed! thanks for visiting… visit ka lang sa korean embassy… kailangan maaga ka kasi marami naga-apply… these are the requirements:
    – passport
    – application form
    – ID picture
    – certificate of employment/ school registration (if student)
    – bank certificate/ parents’ bank certificate (if you’re a dependent)
    – invitation letter from a korean (optional and only if you were invited)

  3. I’m a little bit shocked about this news that Kim Hee Sun is getting married. I like her since I watched her in Repechage and I really like her for JDG. Now, my dream of seeing JDG and KHS to be together in real life is all gone. Maybe, I’ll just settle for Lee Na Young to be JDG’s girlfriend, hehehe.

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