Our summer vacation

We didn’t have a grand summer vacation this year. And instead of going to some place by ourselves, we spent it with my husband’s family in their hometown, Jechon. We went to a camping site in Bakdaljae, parked our cars, set up a tent and prepared a wonderful lunch while the kids played in the water. The men cooked “samgyeopsal” (Korean bacon wrapped in lettuce leaf) while the women prepared the picnic blankets and I took care of my son. After lunch some went to the natural and non-chlorinated water playground (mul noriteo 물놀이터) and had lots of fun with the inflatable boat. My husband played with his nephews and niece. There was a heavy rainstorm (sonagi 소나기) that day, which cut our afternoon short. The next day, we went to Cheongpung Land, also located in Jecheon. My first sister-in-law and her kids took on the “big swing” while my second sister-in-law bungee jumped! I couldn’t do any of those, I thought I was too heavy for them. LOL! After Cheongpung Land, we went to the Cheongpung Cultural Complex. We didn’t enter the park because there were so many people that day. There were three buses full of Vietnamese tourists visiting the park. That evening, my brothers-in-law and their families went back to Seoul. The following day, we drove to a find a stream in the afternoon. In one camping site, there were just so many people that there wasn’t almost any room to sit down nor park our car. One lesson I learned from this summer vacation is that it’s not really necessary to spend a lot of money to enjoy and have fun. It’s even more enjoyable when you don’t spend money!
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