Daniel Henney in My Father

mtfather.gifI was watching TV this morning and was amazed to see Daniel in a heavy dramatic scene. In the Philippines, you wouldn’t expect good-looking Filipino mestizos to act effectively in a drama. They always end up being just eyecandies or decorations in a movie or a television series.
This might be a movie to watch out for. The trailer seems inviting and of course Daniel Henney, handsome :). It will open next month in theaters in Korea. I just hope they will show it with subtitle in select cinemas, or else I’ll have to watch it three months later. Anyway, I could understand parts of the conversations in the trailer but not everything. Hmm, at least I’ll have a month more to brush up on my Korean. Next month is “chuseok month” too and I really need to know more of the language.
Wanna see the trailer of “My Father”? Visit the official site here.

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