1. woOOow! I’m really excited about Eugene in the Philippines! She’s just so adorable and so fun to watch.
    Btw, what’s the story of Feel So Good? And when is it going to be released? (I couldn’t understand the Korean website after all 🙂

  2. i saw the news in arirang last month week.. haha, its a romantic comedy, i just hope it’ll be released in the philippines as well… i think its about 3 couples who wanted to unwind… eugene will portray a pop star in korea and then she wants to escape, ( i forgot), maybe the media or she just wanted to rest, and then she’ll meet a fellow korean in boracay… funny thing is that, all the characters tried for the first time to ride banana boat in boracay, and they thought it was really amazing! proud to be pinoy! =)

  3. So, what’s the update on this movie? I’m itching to watch this movie as I was in Boracay when they were filming this.
    They were literally shooting this movie right outside our room. It was funny actually, when I went out of the hotel room one night to go night swimming, I was surprised to see the entire crew with their equipment right outside our door.
    From what I observed in their filming, this is going to be a nice movie.

  4. what do you mean they were literally shooting the movie outside your room??? o__O did you mean close by where you live?? ohh you were vacationing.. eheh Boracay is such a beautiful place to go to for a vacation. I’ve been there when I was young way before there were only a few tourists knew the place but now gahhh practically a tourist destination. ajaja I’ve also been to Puerto Gallera?? I’m not sure if I have spelled that right, but it’s a nice place too.. eheh mhan those caves I can still remember it ehheh the scenery… the sunset, bluishgreen-crytal clear water, white beach… and yeah my favorite part seafood.. and lots of them ehehe ^^

  5. white sand^ crystal^ I have also heard about this movie ‘feel so good’ I saw it in youtube lols I wonder when it will come out or has it been out already… anyways gahh I’m off the topic but since we’re talking about korean entertainment… I love watching the show called ‘we got married’ <3 i love hyunjoong and hwangbo<– i like her personality.. so bubbly and outgoing type, beautiful pair =P i hope they won’t leave the show because they are my favorite pair next to the antwitch couple ..

  6. Boracay is the perfect location for a beach scene, that is of course if you can clear the beach from the thousands of people hanging out there every day…
    I am sure some locations in Palawan would be much better for beach scenes, there you can find remote and totally unspoilt beaches, where it is easy to set up a shoot with only your cast and extras running around.

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