Winter vacation under the sun

It was -9 degrees celsius this morning in Seoul, and tomorrow it’s going to be -11! It’s the middle of February and you couldn’t even go out to enjoy fresh air. My husband and I have been planning this early where we would spend our spring break.
If I were in the United States, I would head for the southern area this early. Florida is one of the most popular destinations the whole year round. Even in this winter cold, I’m already dreaming of staying in one of those Destin vacation rentals. I’m also looking at Naples vacation rentals. I’d like to spend a vacation in the comfort of a condo, villa or resort rather than in an impersonal high-rise hotel. I can just imagine the feeling of warm air on my skin while lying on the sand and looking at the inviting blue waters.
Another place to go to in the southern area is South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach. Likewise, there are Myrtle Beach vacation rentals available on the net. There are just so many things to do here. I’m sure the Koreans would flock here if they know that it’s the “Golf Capital of World”. The Myrtle Beach International Film Festival is also an attraction.
Winter, winter go away… I just can’t wait for spring!