F-3 or dependent family visa

I’ve received a couple of emails from Filipina women whose husbands are working in Korea. Basically, they just want to know how they could come here with a tourist visa. A tourist visa is only good for up to 90 days. There’s a better visa for dependent families (spouse and children younger than 20) and that is the F-3 visa. This visa will allow you to stay in Korea for a longer time but you’re still not allowed to work legally.
You have to ask your partner to do the work for you first. Remember that you should be legally married to get the F-3 visa. First your spouse need to have the following documents:
– marriage certificate for spouses/ birth certificate for kids (NSO copies if possible)
– copy of dependent family’s passport/s (first and last pages, include amendments if available)
– ARC (Alien Registration Card)
– Letter of Employment
– Tax payment (addtl document to prove employment)
Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance
Bring the above documents to the immigration office wait for the issuance of the CRV. Once the CRV number is issued, the dependent family needs to apply for the visa at the local Korean Embassy with the following documents:
– Passport
– 2 pcs ID photos
Application for Visa
– CRV number
– visa fee
The F-3 visa is not available for families of D-3, E-8, E-9 and E-10 visa-holders.


  1. Hi, I got a offer in Korea, and my employer will arrange my work visa(E-7) for 1yr contract. my spouse having Master degree and i would like to move to korea along with my spouse. is that possible to get F-3 visa along with E-7 visa?

  2. Hi!
    I’m also a Filipina. I live in the Philippines. I’ve come across your blog ever since i stumbled upon your ‘infamous’ post: Kim Sun Ah (a.k.a. Kim Sam Soon) in the flesh! (well… i’m a fan of kim sun ah, and had always been envious that you’ve already seen her in person)
    Anyway, i visited your blog once in a while from then on.
    I just have a couple of questions for you. I’m planning to go to Korea sometime this year. Is it difficult to get a tourist visa? I’ll jut be staying in Korea for less than 1 week. Also can you recommend movie theaters (preferably in the Seoul area) where they gave out half of the movie ticket back to the customer just like these pictures:
    Sorry to bother you with these. I have a few Korean friends, i speak a little Korean too, but i cannot ask them about this, we might not understand each other, I’m still not that good in Korean and they are not fluent with English too.

  3. Hi everyone,,I want to ask because I am getting married to my Fiance this coming September here in Philippines..He is a US Military stationed in Korea and he is going to come here in Philippines to get married with me,,I want to ask guys any help,,ano mga kailangan gawin after namin magpakasal para makapunta agad ako sa Korea as her spouse,,what are the procedure and reqiurements sa KOrean embassy to get a Visa as a military spouse to go to KOrea,,
    thank you guys and hope to hear from all of you soon,,thank you so much,,

  4. Is there a possibility to arrange a spouse visa(K-1 VISA) from Korea to US.Please help me out as my fiance has been working as IT professional in Newyork City in US,from last 2 months and i want to go there and we both are planning to get wedded in the month of July 2008

  5. Hello,
    My husband is an English teacher in South Korea and he have an E-2 visa.I’m here for an F-3 visa.I am a Filipina after I have an american passport can I get an E-2 visa?Or can I work as a partime job for an F-3 visa?

  6. @mayen – as far as i know, as long as you carry a passport from the inner circle countries you can teach english legally with an E-2 visa

  7. @mayen
    E-2 is for North American passport holders with a 4 year degree diploma from accredited schools anywhere in North America. I’m not in particular lang kung ano anong mga schools yun sa North America.
    Maki-double check na lang sa immigration link down here regarding of the visa categories.

    Yes, any american citizen who can prove that their domicile is in US can petition a K-1 visa at the US Embassy here in Seoul (w/c is the fiance visa). But please be aware that you should have a visa to prove that your staying here in Korea legally to become eligible.
    Please check the US Embassy, Seoul Korea link

  9. Hi… i’m now here in korea working at an engineering & construction firm with an e-7 visa.. i want to bring my family here for a vacation, most probably on summer 2009… what is the best & convenient visa applicable for my family (my wife & 3 kids)? is it f-3 or an ordinary tourist visa (they will stay here at 3 mons maximum and planning to be back again every summer or xmas break).
    another thing, am i going to apply independently for their visas (confirmation of visa issuance & application for visa) or 1 visa number blanket for all of them?
    my best regards & be bless… gamsahamnida!

  10. Hello Ms. Betchay,
    I just wanna ask you something about the tourist visa, I got married to a foreigner who’s working in Korea. He wants me to get a tourist visa first because the immigration in Korea said that my husband can’t do the processing in there for spousal visa, and he’s told to ask me to get a tourist visa here in the Philippines first and so we can just work for my spousal visa when I get to Korea. I just wanna know the requirements for it, I don’t have any job here in the Philippines or any bank accounts. Because I searched for its requirements before online and it says that I need a bank account? And, do I have to get my passport amended? And lastly, my husband already sent me an invitation through mail and as well as his company. But what is a notary invitation? Anyway, thank you very much and i hope to get good answers from you. And I hope that I explained it well to you. God Bless and More Power:)

    1. Hello there, we have the same problem my husband is a foreigner too working in Korea with E2 Visa. He apply for my visa issuance number in Korea but he was told that i have to apply C3 here in the Philippines and change it to F3 when i arrived Korea. But when i ask in the embassy here in the Philippines they told me there is also a chance to be denied with a C3 visa Like you i can’t show any bank statements. So please notify me what are the required documents…
      Thanks in advance,

  11. To Sherlyn,
    Hello there, we have the same problem my husband is a foreigner too working in Korea with E2 Visa. He apply for my visa issuance number in Korea but he was told that i have to apply C3 here in the Philippines and change it to F3 when i arrived Korea. But when i ask in the embassy here in the Philippines they told me there is also a chance to be denied with a C3 visa Like you i can’t show any bank statements. So please notify me what are the required documents…
    Thanks in advance,

    1. hello Ryanne i already have the requirements for it.. and yeah i can give it to you, I’ll be processing mine next week so hopefully everything’s gonna work out fine
      application form
      1pc. passport size colored pic.
      passport original(6 mo.s valid)
      copy of passport first page
      invitation letter from husband’s company in Korea
      copy of husband’s passport first page
      copy of husband’s alien ID
      copy of husband’s contract or employment certificate
      NSO Marriage certificate photocopy

      1. hi miss sherlyn i have all these, can i already apply for a visa at korean embassy?naka alis k n b ppnta sa south korea?

      2. Hello sherlyn,
        Kumusta yung pag aaply mo ng visa? Pareho ksi tyo sa korea nagwowork ang hubby ko,gusto ko lng malaman kung na kontento ba yung korean embassy sa mga papers mo.. Balak ko din sana mag apply asap..thanks…

  12. Ate Betchay,
    Hello there, as i have told to Sherlyn we have have the same problem my husband is a foreigner too working in Korea with E2 Visa. He apply for my visa issuance number in Korea but he was told that i have to apply C3 here in the Philippines and change it to F3 when i arrived Korea. But when i ask in the embassy here in the Philippines they told me there is also a chance to be denied with a C3 visa Like you i can’t show any bank statements. So please notify me what are the required documents ate betchay…
    Thanks in advance,

    1. hi miss ryanne nag present k pa po b ng bank statement sa embassy?pls need answers:( hndi pa b enough ung requiremnets for f3 visa?kz apply ng c3 magkaiba ng requirements.na tetense ako

  13. Hi-yes tama sila appy ka c-3 pero submit mo marriage contract NSO at copy of contract ng husband mo at ERC copy niya-di muna kailangan ung bank statement. ganyan din ako dati tourist punta ko dito then pagdating ko sa korea dito na ako nga -apply ng F-3 visa

  14. hi ms betchay.i just wna asked kung anu ang una kong dpat e apply sa embassy?my husband is an e7 visa holder, frsh grad lng po ako. i dont have job here in phil, no bank certificate,no itr certificate. ang nsaken lng po notarized invitation letter galing sa boss ng asawa ko,and passport.sabi saken sa embassy hndi ako pwede sa tourist kz wla ako trabaho d2 and wla din ako bank cert.san po ba dpt e apply ung F3 visa?anyone can help me with this?open po sa lht ng may useful info regarding f3 and c3.thanx and more power!

  15. hello!i’ve read alot about the E7 visa and f3 visa.i just wanna ask if there’s a chance for me to go to korea because my husband has E9 visa.i know f3 visa is not applicable for people with e9 visa.but i just wonder if there’s a way for me to be able to go to korea.im a math teacher here in the philippines and i really want to be with my husband in order for us to have a baby.the chance for us to have a baby with our set up being away frm each other most of the time is very slim so i really want to know if there’s a way for me.pls…answers will be much appreciated.tnx

  16. hello again.since my husband cant get me through f3 visa bcoz he has e9 visa,is there a way for him to have or to change his visa from e9 to e7?thanks again!

  17. hi ms. happy. yes there is.u can apply for a tourist visa.requiremnts are the foloowing bank certificate,ITR cert,passport,cert of employment,and a notarized invitation letter from a korean citizen.good luck!

  18. hello. ahm i already had all the requirments to apply for a visa going to korea including my baby’s passport and birth certificate.( our marriage certificate from NSO,my passport,my bank certification and my husband’s bank statement,my husband’s ARC,cert.of employment,his passport with his visa, letter of invitaion(notarized) from his company) then my husband (a french national working in korea)will go home here in philippines so we can go together and apply for the visa just wanna ask if anyone know how long it will take to get a tourist visa?
    i hope everything will work out right.
    thank you.

  19. hi mis betchay, i just wna know if i have to change my surname sa passport ko kz ung passsport ko 2013 pa ma eepire kya lng last month ngpaksal n kmi ng bf ko and hes an e7 visa holder.kaialngan ko po ba palitan ung passport ko kz ung apelyedo ko dun nung dlaga pa aq.pls need answers thnk you

  20. ms. lynn nung pmnta k po ba sa embassy and apply for c3 visa nag present k pa po b ng bank certificate?employment certificate?itr?kz apply po ako c3 muna then renew ko nlng ng f3.ang problema wla po ako itr and employment cert kz fresh grad lng po aq.gusto ko lng ppo mkasiguro na completo requirements ko bago pmnta sa embassy.slmt po.

    1. Same po tayo ng situation! Wala din po akong maipepresent na employment certificate at ITR fresh grad lang din kasi ako.. Kasal po kami dito sa pilipinas gusto kasi ng husband ko at ako na makapunta ako agad sa korea. Gustong gusto ko na po ma-meet yung inlaws ko. Kaya po c3 muna ang kukunin ko tas dun nalang aayusin pagdating sa korea. Help naman po please. First time ko po kasi wala po talaga akong idea eh ㅜㅜ

  21. hi there. i’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now since my husband decided that i go and visit him in korea where he is working right now. i am scheduled to go there first week of october 2009. i am quite confused lang po about the c-3 and f-3 visa. would it be better if i apply for c3 first since this is just the first time i am going there? i am planning kase to visit him every year and i want my kids to join me next year as well. pls enlighten me. thanks.
    any suggestion on the best places i can visit when i’m there?

  22. whats ur husband’s visa?u can come here with a c3 visa since yun nmn ang binibigay ng embassy ng korea sa mga filipina. then renew nlng or apply nlng ng f3 d2.im here in seoul the embassy gave me c3 visa and next week process n namin ung f3 visa.pero try ur luck bka ma grant ka ng f3 agad sa pinas pero bihira ung gnon.good luck

  23. Thank you so much Ms. Dhang for the reply. I’m excited na nga to apply for my visa pero sabi ng embassy I can do it by 1st week of September na kase October pa naman ang trip ko. They said it will just take maximum of 1 1/2 weeks for me to get my visa application result and ang validity daw nun is 3 months lang. I’d like to take advantage kase of the Cebu Pacific low airfare, baka kase by September tumaas na ung rate. Anyway, thanks again.

  24. hi to everyone, just want to ask about F-3 visa application, what are the requirements needed? My wife is taking a Masteral Degree in South Korea for almost 2 years from now, at galing narin po ako sa Korea for 2 times with C-3 visa, ngaun gus2 po ng wife ko na pumunta ako doon. Ano po ba mga kailangan na documents at anong type ng visa ang mas magandang iapply is it F-3 or C-3? At anong window po ba sa embassy kung F-3 visa application? Thanks po sa reply and more power to all… God Bless!

  25. hi trojan these are the documents that u need to prepare before goin to the korean embassy.you need c3 visa then renew it pag nsa korea k na.sop kz un for f3 visa.good luck
    1. 1 passport picture
    2. Passport (original & Photocopy)
    3. CFO Certificate (photocopy)
    4. ARC copy of my husband
    5. invitation letter from the company of your wife(notarized)
    6. Employment letter of your wife
    7. Employment Contract of your wife
    8. NSO copy Marriage Certificate
    9. Copy of your wife’s visa and her passport.
    Try to call the embassy and ask what you need.

  26. ARC of your wife rather.im here in seoul and my visa is c3.and na apply ko ung f3 ko last july 17 and ill be getting it this july 27.kakalunkot wla akong kaibigan d2 na mlpit sa flat namin.lht ng mga friends nmn nsa ansan…so sad..goodluck to your application

    1. hi I am a Ph.D student in seoul. my husband is in my country. can he come here in dependent visa? please answer me.

  27. hi ms. dhang, thanks for your information, pero paano po kaya ung employment certificate kasi di nman po cya nagwowork, student lang po cya at D-2 yong visa nya, pero meron na po cyang school certification from the university. anyway once again thanks a lot for your response and if I’m lucky to have my visa hahanapin kita jan at kita-kits nlang tau… ^_-

  28. hi trojan,just present her university certification.and it should be notarized.sure cge ba kita kits nlng…

  29. elow ms. dhang, I already got my visa last July 31 pa but thesame status with my previous visa C-3, medyo busy kaya ngaun lang ako nkapag post d2, maybe last week of this month or 1st week of Sept. anjan na ako sa Seoul. Ask ko lang ano mga requirements sa application for F-3 at gaano katagal b4 makuha ung result, thank’s once again and see U soon…

  30. hi..i have a problem on what visa should i get and what are the requirements to get it?..
    i will get married with my korean boyfriend this year…
    he want’s me to stay in korea for a long time..
    what should i do?pls help..
    thanks a lot…

  31. hi..i have a problem on what visa should i get and what are the requirements to get it?..
    i will get married with my korean boyfriend this year…
    he wants me to stay in korea for a long time..
    what should i do?pls help..
    thanks a lot…

    1. hi abby! sorry but i didn’t fully understand your dilemma… if he wants you to stay in korea for a long time, then get married…

  32. hello! my husband to be is coming here in philippines on december, i hope.
    we’re getting married on april next year. was just curious about what stuff do i need to get for the visa.

    1. Hi Tintin! It’s Alien Registration Certificate. If you’re staying in Korea for more than 90 days (not with a tourist visa of course), then you’ll need to get an ARC.

  33. hi ms, betchay
    i am a filipina and marrying a US national who work for the army as a DoD civilian, last year we tried to get a tourist visa i submmitted complete documents but still embassy denied my visa application and so we decided just to be married and do the spouse visa, but the requirements for the spouse visa which they required includes inviatation letter notarized in seoul i am wondering what should be the contents of the letter. he is confuse too.
    and what is the CRV? and do i have to get that? and where is that immigration office? what are the requirements that i should prepare? i know the requirements but any other documentation as for support? should i apply for F3 visa or C3? and also i dont know what is c3 visa is.
    sorry i have lots of questions. i want to make sure that i will be in korea after our wedding. thanks for reading and thank u in advance if you responce to my questions. please email me jquiapo1985@yahoo.com for the answers thanks very much
    have a good day

    1. hi jessa! The Korean Embassy is stricter when it comes to Filipinas who are fiancees of US servicemen. It will be easier if you get married in the Philippines first before you come to Korea. This way, your husband could apply for an A-3 visa for you. It would be best for him to ask the Legal Office in his workplace.

      1. Ms. Betchay and Jessa
        The A-3 visa Process is so much easier. Marry in the Philippines then have him bring you here. I married my wife in the Philippines and after 14 days of running around, I am going to get her Saturday, April 17. Your Asawa to be already has all the info you will need. just follow the same process u did with the tourist visa but u can omit the invite letter. If you email me I can tell you exactly what you need in order to accomplish this.

        1. @JOHN
          hello,my husband is a teacher in EPIK(english program in korea)..can you please help us what exactly we can do in order to accomplish this?we both tense about getting a visa,we heard its hard to get one…maybe i’ll give you his email address so that you can tell him what to do..HE is in Gyeongju right now…Thanks in advance…

          1. Hi Lhynn,
            I take it you are still in the Philippines? Anyway, Sure..here is my email. brnguy69@gmail.com
            sorry so long to reply, we just got back from PI on the 18th and I have been busy..

          2. Thank you John,my husband will email you,and ask some stuff..yeah I am still here in phil.my husband is having a hard time to get the invitation letter from his company,,his principle is not willing to sign it…his having hard time to communicate with him…

    2. Jessa,
      Did you get your Visa yet? Have you applied? If Not here is what needs to be done.
      1) Best to marry in the Philippines.
      2) You will need these documents once married in PI
      a) Marriage certificate (Red Ribbon)
      b) CFO Briefing (Mandatory) They will issue you the piece of paper that is required for your visa
      3) Passport
      4) 2 passport size photos + Visa application obtainable at the Korean embassy
      5) Copy of your husbands I.D.`s and Passport with A-3 Visa Stamp
      6) Pay Stub and 1 years Taxes he filed in the U.S.
      You are Guranteed a visa when you submit all these documents and pay the 1,500.00 Pesos..

      1. and copy of his current 700-19 and invited contractors letter signed by USFK. He has these documents already…

  34. Hello,
    Am a Korean am going to apply for employment visa to work in India and i want to take my spouse and my two sons to india.Can you help me how i want to apply for family visa pls.
    Awaiting for your reply,

  35. hi po!
    i’ve read many threads from you po. and they are very useful and great. Well, i have a question about F-3 visa. i’m a filipina married to a canadian and living here in korea for almost 2years now w/ a 1year old baby. my baby and i both have F-3 visas. My question is, i want to work legally. And there’s a lot of job opportunity for me but they dont want to hire me coz i have F-3 visa nga. how can i go on changing it po? w/o needing the help of my employer?
    thanks! would really appreciate a reply.

  36. hey, my fiance is a filipina, who is living in the philippines. im an american soldier stationed in south korea, i want to bring her here so i can marry her, what should i do?

    1. Travis,
      Get help from your Base legal office, It`s so much easier to marry her in the Philippines then get her here from the Philippines versus, trying to bring her here on a tourist visa. I marrried my wife there and paperwork involved was hectic but, if you want your woman here faster, better to marry in the P.I.

      1. Hi John! Thanks for this comment. This also applies to those who are marrying a Korean – it’s relatively easier to marry in the Philippines than come here as a tourist first.

        1. Hi Betchay,
          Just wanna let all thge guys out there wishing to marry their loved ones That total time to get my Wife here from Philippines from marriage date to her arrival here was 21 days. It could have been sooner but the wife took her time..HAHAHA, anyway, she is here now and the process to get here here was so easy once married there in the Philippines.

  37. Hello John and Bechay..
    I just want to ask if could it be possible to have a fixed marriage to a korean?I have a korean student who is willing to help me in going to korea..I suggested that we will get married here in the Philippines and go to Korea later..but no feelings involve..we will just pretend about our marriage..and i said, we will just have a divorce when we get there..please let me know your opinion regarding this..thank you!

    1. Hi! I wouldn’t advise it. A foreign spouse married to a Korean could be granted the F-2-1 visa but once you’re divorced, you won’t be able to renew the visa and you’ll have to go home.

  38. Hi, Im teaching english in korea with a E-2 visa.My husband is in SA but we married the Islamic way…DOes a Islamic Marriage certificate quualify for a dependent visa? Please I’d appreciate ur response.THanks

  39. hi..im here in korea now for 2months,my husband is a korean!! before i have a pilipinp son ,1y/o..and i want to bring my son here..my husband agree w/ that!i want to know if what are the following requirements that needs to bring my son here in koRea!!i hope you can help me…thank you very mUch!

  40. Hello!
    I hope someone can help. My fiance is planning on going to Korea to teach english to kids. We were told we have to get married for me to get a dependants visa, which i fine but i am transgender and therefore we have to have a same sex ceremony. Although we will have a legal marriage certificate i am wondering if this will work for the visa? Any help would be wonderful!
    Thanks in advance for the help! We r going crazy!

    1. Hi,
      I am in a similar position. My wife is a Filipina TS and I have just got work in S Korea. I want her to come to live with me there.
      How did you get on ? Did you manage to get the visa ?

  41. hi, i request somone to please help n guide me on this, iam a korean national female, married to my husband who is a indian national and has been living with my husband in india for past thee years. but now we have decided to move back to korea and settle there. my husband is travelling with me to korea now on a c-3 multiple visa valid for 30 days. i would like to know whether it is possible to convert this c-3 visa into residency visa after arrival in korea? and wot is the best type of visa to apply so that my indian husband stays with me here forever. wot r the requiements of documents? and how can my husband get korean nationality? please reply and help n guide me,r thanks…

  42. hi, i request somone to please help n guide me on this, iam a korean national female, married to my husband who is a indian national and has been living with my husband in india for past thee years. but now we have decided to move back to korea and settle there. my husband is travelling with me to korea now on a c-3 multiple visa valid for 30 days. i would like to know whether it is possible to convert this c-3 visa into residency visa after arrival in korea? and wot is the best type of visa to apply so that my indian husband stays with me here forever. wot r the requiements of documents? and how can my husband get korean nationality? please reply and help n guide me,thanks…

    1. hi ms. choi! you should take him with you to the immigration office and apply for the F-2-1 visa which is the visa for Foreign spouses… make sure to bring documents proving that you’re legally married, including the family register from the local district office in korea… you’ll also need the property documents… it will be better for you to call the immigration office and ask them about the updated requirements…
      the F-2-1 visa would allow your husband to work legally in Korea… after two years, he could apply for Korean citizenship or the F-5 resident visa…

  43. thankyou betchay, i was very happy to see ur reply. i once again thankyou for all the valuable info you have provided. as u said about the documents, i have the following documents:
    1.family register certificate from local office in korea.
    2.marriage register certificate from local office in korea.
    3.my husbands name on my passport (stating wife of…. on the front page)
    4. indian visa sticker on my passport which says “married to indian”.
    5.my foriegner’s registration certificate and residency permit,issued to me during my 3 year stay in india with my husband (valid to 2013), as a spouse mentioning my husbands name on it.
    would all these documents be sufficient to prove that we r legally married? thanks in advance.

  44. hello! my husband is with the US army and will be stationed there this July. We have been married for more than 2 years now here in the philippines. pls help us on how can we get a visa for me and my daughter and what type so we can stay there with him. What are the requirement we will be needing? i hope to hear from u soon,,

  45. Hi everyone, I just got married in the Philippines a few weeks ago with a US army stationed in South Korea. Im a Filipina and just wondering what stuff do I need to get a spouse visa or whatever that is. How long would it take to process everything? I hope someone could help.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Kris,
      Look at my posting on this same page. I have also found out that now you cannot have an ammendment on your current passport withyour maiden name. Korean embassy in Manila Disallowed my friends wife entry without changing her passport and no ammendments allowed also. A new Passport depicting your married name is what the will be looking for. My friends wife made an appointment with DFA, and she said it is a 2 month wait. So Dont put it off, and dont rush, take your time and get your papers together.

      1. Hey John,
        thanks a lot for the help/advice,i’m already here with my husband in S.Korea last june 10,2010,i don’t have any problem when i applied a visa… 🙂
        and goodluck to this site too,it help many people…

        1. Lhynn,
          I am Happy for you, Maybe one day we can all get together.
          GodBless and take care.

      2. John,
        Thank you. I went to the embassy a couple weeks back, asked for requirements and all that. No one informed me about the latest policy regarding passport though. I had all my requirements now including my husband’s documents (invitation letter, passport, military ID, USFK form 166, orders) my CFO certificate and NSO marriage contract which I got within few days. Im plaaning to turn in all the papers on monday, my husband is expecting me to get to Korea hopefully a week after since we also need to get done some papers that concerns my petition to USA plus papers for the military wife (the army is quiet strict on this) But now it changes everything with that “new policy”, thank you for the information John. I’ll see how things work on Monday.
        God bless you.

  46. hi kris.. we are on the same situation but ive been married for more than 2 years now. i am still working on the paperworks to go there,,and john is right, you have to change your passport with your husband’s surname. also you can try to call or go to korean embassy for complete details.. recently they moved to Fort bonifacio.

    1. Ann,
      I just wanna know why it took years for you to work on the papers? Did you had your surname on your passport changed already? I am going to the embassy on monday and we’ll start from there. Got all my papers though, I just never realized about their new policy. Hope things will be ok for all of us who wants to be with our lovedones. Take care

      1. hi kris.. no it didnt take me years to do the paperworks… i meant to say ive been married two years… i hope i can talk to u personally if thats ok? my email id is annbarkdull@yahoo.com..hope to see u online

  47. hai sir… iam studying 3yr B.B.A.at now eagerly to study MBA in korea. MY QUES IS if i get a visa to study in korea. any chance to get depend visa for my father.. pls sir help me

  48. hello po sa lahat… ask ko lang po kung paano po mapalitan ang c3 visa na hawak ko ngaun sa f3 visa. American teacher po ang asawa ko d2 sa korea. Anong requirements po kailangan para makapag apply ako ng f3 visa d2 at saan po dapat i-submit. D2 po kami ngaun nakatira sa Jinhae. Salamat po sa lahat!

  49. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    I am a filipina and my husband Norwegian is working in korea and D-9 visa holder,gusto po nyako iinvite dun for C-3 and apply nalang kmi dun ng F-3 pagdating dun. Anu po ba yung mga requirements need for applying C-3 visa guarantor by the husband working in Korea? Thank you for your reply in advance:))

    1. hi Jane! dahil husband mo naman siya, kailangan mo pakita ang documents niya like ITR or 소득세 원천징수 증명서, CoE (or employment contract), bank statements, at NSO marriage certificate ninyo pati na rin copy ng passport niya…

  50. Hello po miss Betchay,
    And2 po ako ngaun sa Jinhae with my american husband, teacher po sya d2. C3 visa lang po hawak ko now. Ask ko lang po paano po ba mapalitan C3 visa ko to f3 visa na di na need uwi ako ng pinas! Ano po dapat ko gawin at saan po ako dapat punta. Pls help me! Thank you!

    1. For an F-3 visa, you will need the following documents :
      1. Application form (Available at the Immigration Office)
      2. Original passport
      3. One color head-shot photo (3cm x 4cm) (Affixed to the application form)
      4. Application fee stamp worth \60,000
      5. Documents proving your relationship with your family members
      Copy of certificate of marriage (for your spouse) Copy of birth certificate (for your children)

  51. @maria go to one of their immigration offices.. tpos file ka ng application for change of status… im just not sure with the requirements..might as well drop by there and inquire..i think u only have to wait a few hours and marerelease din agad ang visa..

    1. Salamat sa info Ann… kaya lng uuwi na ako next week maeexpire na ksi visa ko… hope mabigyan uli ako ng visa ng korean embassy by dec para makabalik ako d2… thanks! keep in touch!

  52. @Maria,madali lng yan palitan,skin pagdating ko d2 after 1 week punta kaagad kami sa Immigration para mag fill up ng form for F3 visa din submit ang marriage cert.at passport ,din i dedeliver nila ang passport with new visa and Alien residence cert. mo sa bahay/apartment nyo….

    1. Thank you Lhynn… di na ata ako makahabol, next week na kc expire ng c-3 visa ko need to go home na… I hope mabigyan uli ako ng visa ng korean embassy on Dec. para makabalik ako d2 then we will try to apply for f3 visa here… Thanks a lot… My question now is need ba talaga ng round trip ticket kung C-3 visa lng hawak ko? Salamat! Keep in touch!

  53. oo need talaga ng roundtrip ticket ang C3 visa,nagtanong kami sa airport Philippines at Korea pareho ang sagot nila na kailangan daw roundtrip ticket,pero d nmn sila nagtatanong sa ticket pabalik nung nsa Airport ako..

    1. correct! hindi kasi papapasukin sa airport ng immigration sa pilipinas kung C3 visa at hindi rountrip ang ticket

    2. Thank you for the info lhyn… D2 na ako pinas now and nabigyan na rin ako ng another C3 visa, balik ako jan before end nov… Sana magawa namin ng husband ko na mapalitan ng f3 ang c3 visa ko. since, di talaga pwede na di bumili ng round trip tiket kasi nga c3 visa lng hawak ko, meaning to say pag mapalitan ng f3 ang visa ko di ko na magamit ang tiket ko, masasayang lang.Di ba? Wala ba way para ma refund ang one way ticket ko na di ko naman magamit if ever? thanks ulit. Maria

      1. Thank you also Miss Bechay….pls. comment regarding my round trip ticket… Maybe, i really need to sacrifice my one way ticket kung wala talaga way na marefund ito. Am i right miss bechay? thanks!

    3. Hi lhynn, thank u so much ha… paki basa na lng ang reply ko sa baba… nagkamali ksi ako, doon ko na reply kay Miss Bechay. Thank you!

  54. Hi ms. betchay or anyone here can help me. I am married to american man who is working as esl teacher in korea.. i already use his last name as my last name now. I even applied for tourist vis before but sadly i was denied with no reason, but that time were not yet married. so now he is going to korea and try to ask the recruiter if i can be listed as his dependent on E2 visa but the agency doesn’t know what to do and one recruiter said they will just do the dependent process our marriage license is from USA. After reading a comment from mr. john it gives help but it confused me and my husband too. My husband doesn’t have a job when he was in USA so he don’t have any tax to filled there and John said its one of requirement. And i need to apply as tourist again? and fix it if im already in korea? so does it mean that theres no guarantee that they can give me visa again because americans cant get as as spouse visa only korean nat’l can do that? what do you think can i do? thank you

    1. Hi khay! You need to apply for a tourist visa. Here are the requirements in your case:
      Invitation Letter from Husband’s Company in Korea (original)
      Copy of Husband’s Passport
      Copy of Husbands Alien Registration Card
      Copy of Husband’s Contract or Certificate of Employment
      Copy of Marriage Certificate
      Don’t lose hope. thin positively!

      1. ms. betchay 3 companies na ang nag reject sa husband ko dahil sakin an i really hate it what do korean people think am i supposed to do there? to conquer their damn country..i am really hopeless now since every company said “we can’t accept your wife because she is a filipino citizen”!! here’s some message from employer..
        I am not 100% but I was told: Your wife would have to come to the country as a tourist, and once you were here. You then go to the Immigration office to get your E-2 visa. While you get it you will state that your wife will be on your visa and all you need to show is your marriage license. This would have been the case if your marriage license was from the States or your wife was a US citizen.
        However, the problem for your case is that since your wife is Pilipino and your marriage was licensed in the Philippines they might not allow her entry into the country, and if they do they might not let her on your visa. These are all maybes, however, we can’t run the risk of you leaving Korea because of a problem that occurred once we give you a job.
        some employer said they will just help them to process my visa if our marriage license is from US..we are married here.. is there any possible way i can stay to korea while he is working there? or i can just visit him and cant stay there while he is there? im sorry but i dont know why korea is so strict for ph people… because of “tnt”? once they denied me now they can’t accept because i am FILIPINO?

        1. hi khay! you could travel here on a C-3 visa instead… when you’re already here, you can apply for the F-3 visa…

  55. ms. betchay,
    you mean i can stay there as long as my husband is working there?
    or i juts have limited days to be there?

    1. while your husband is working here, you could apply for a tourist visa… once you’re here, apply for an F-3 visa… that way you can stay here as long as your husband is working… it’s renewable in Korea but at least you won’t need to go home and apply for a tourist visa that is only good for a maximum of 90 days…
      as F-3 visa holder, you are not allowed to work unless you get a permission from the immigration office… i remember that last summer (?) a filipina married to an american lodged a complaint at the NHRC for discrimination because she couldn’t get a teaching job…

      1. ms betchay,
        ohh thank you for the clear information you help me a lot!!! now i feel some hope… thank you! well it’s ok if they dont allowed me to work as long as i am with my husband everything will be ok! I know there’s still discrimination and i am sad to know it. Even i am a teacher here if they dont accept me as a worker then don’t i just hope their way of knowing filipino’s will change because really it’s very unfair… anyways thank you ms. betchay i am really depressed till get your answer. 🙂 one more thing bakit sabi mr. john kelangan pa ipa-red ribbon ang marriage certificate?

        1. Your Marriage certificate is for your “Mandatory CFO Briefing for all pilipino married to foreignors and are travelling abroad to be with their spouse”. Goodluck to you Khay..

          1. Thank you sir john.. but i don’t what mandatory CFO briefing is about, do i really need to red ribbon our marriage certificate?God i don’t want to get denied again all i want is to be with my husband….

  56. ms betcahy
    ask ng husband ko if we get married again in korea..meaning we can have marriage license in korea..my advantage ba yun sa pag sstay ko sa korea?

    1. ms khay
      i think it cannot help. Pls see the philippine embassy website. HIndi gaya ng US dito sa korea. Dito ang pinoy ay pinoy, ang kano ay kano, at ang korean ay korean.

  57. Hello everyone.. ms betchay.. pano ba kumuha ng invitation letter? san kukunin ng husband ko? sa boss ba nya? please give me info about getting it please…

    1. hi khay! sa boss niya dapat kunin… kung nagwo-work siya sa Korea, kailangan niya ng documents na nagpapatunay ng employment niya

      1. Ms. Betchay
        my idea ka ba paano ko masasama ang 3 years old na bata if tatay nya working in korea at nanay nya tnt dun?
        paano ko masasama ang anak nila?
        please give me an idea….

  58. Hi ms. betchay..
    Thank you…after namin ma gather lahat ng documents like yung alien card nya, invitaion letter,tax, etc, san nya ipapadala yun sa kin ba? or sya dapat magdala sa embassy sa korea?
    Thank you

  59. hello ms. Bechay,
    I’m back in korea for the third time last saturday… C-3 visa pa rin hawak ko… sana my husband and i will be able to change it to F-3 this time. Do u have any idea kung ano mga requirements in applying F-3 visa here in Korea? Please share it with me. Thanks in advance!
    Maria Smith

    1. Hi Maria welcome back here in korea,punta kayo kaagad sa pinakamalapit na immigration office,bring the marriage cert.,your and your husband’s passport and his Alien card,then fill up the f-3 application form at the immigration office…madali..goodluck

      1. hello lhynn,
        So glad to catch u up here again. Galing na kami ng immigration today… pinabayad kami ng stamp fee, and then they kept my passport, my marriage certificate, and a copy of my husband’s alien registration card. Wait na lang daw after 15 days,ide-deliver na lang sa address na binigay namin. I’m hoping na ok na lahat. I will let you know by then. Thank you so much sa mga info nyo, it helped me a lot. keep in touch! tnx.
        Maria Smith

  60. hi ms smith,
    i just want to ask ano ang step by step process na ginawa ng husband mo pagkuha ng invitation letter..hope for your quik responce..:)
    thank you

    1. hi khay,
      Regarding invitation letter, ask lang ng husby ko ang invitation letter sa boss/principal nya from the school where he teach, tapos my pirma ng boss nya then pinadala sakin sa pinas together with the copy of his contract, copy of his passport and a copy of his alien registration card… and then i submit it to the embassy, after 4 days I’ve got my visa!
      Maria Smith

      1. Ms. Smith
        Thank you for the response meaning yung invitation letter talaga eh makukuha lang sa school? pano yung sa notary na invitation letter? kukunin pa nya sa school yung letter tapos dadalhin nya sa notary public?
        thank you!!!

        1. I dont know about the notary thing miss Khay, sorry. Basta ang alam ko lang humingi sya ng invitation letter sa principal nila with the signature and something like a stamp on it! yun lang!

  61. Hello everyone! Just want to let you know that after months of wanting to obtain an F3 visa, I finally got it. It was delivered straight to the school where my husband is working and along with my visa is my certificate of alien registration. Now I can stay in Korea for as long as my husband is working here.
    Can i work some place here legally with my F3 visa? I hope so!

  62. Hi po,
    tatanong ko lang po.married po ako ng member ng u.s army.bali ang new station po ng asawa ko is Korea,my green card po ako,ang tanong ko po need ko pa ba ng Visa papunta dun sa Korea? kasalukoyan po na on processing ang Comandsponsorship ko.kya lang baka matagalan.bali sa u.s po ako manggaling papunta Korea.pwede ba na ang Military Dependant I.D lang ang gamit ko papunta dun?or kung hnd gaano po ba katagal ang application ng Visa F-3?at ano pa ang karagdagan requirement.pls i need ur respond.ASAP.Feb.7 2011 ang punta nmin sa Korea.
    THANKX & Merry Xmass.

  63. Pahabol ko po question if need ko ba na roudtrip ticket kc mag pag once dun na me mag apply kami ng SOFA I.D(STATUS OF FORCES AGREEMENT).my less than a Month lang kami mag apply ng F-3 Visa.pls need your responds.
    Thnkx Again.

  64. Hello.i need help.anywayone can answer my question.
    Im Married to a U.S Military.were about to move and my husband his new Station is Korea.my commandsporsorship is on process.can i go there w/my Husband w/out Visa or can i use my Dependant I.D card?b/c when i go over here in Germany i dont need Visa even Japan all u need is Depndant I.d card.so anybody can HELP ME IF it is the same to go over at Korea.i am filipina cit.but green card holder.and my Husband need to go there to korea on Feb2011.so if there anybody else can give an answer..were From U.s flying to KOrea that time if i can go w/him..

  65. d2 visa po ako gustu ko po sanang makita at maksama husband ko anu po ba ang dapat kong gawin? tulungan nyu po ako?

  66. Dear Ms. Betchay,
    I am a Filipina holding an F-3 visa beacuse I am married to an Americal ESL teacher there in SK. I am currently in Manila and my F-3 visa will expire on Feb.28 although my hubby will sign another year contract there in SK. Is it OK to have my F-3 visa extended/renewed here in Manila or I have to be there in SK before it expires so I can have it renewed there?
    Thank you so much in advance!

  67. Hi Miss Betchay,
    I hope you can answer my question.
    I am married to an american citizen, we got married in the philippines. He’s a professor in Seoul University and he has an
    F-5 visa permanent resident card. He’s planning to get me a Dependent visa there in the immigration in Seoul. My husband will pass all the documents needed… My husband said he can apply a dependent visa for me, and after that, I can just submit the confirmation number to the Korean Embassy in Manila so they will give me a visa.
    Do you think he will be given a pre-confirmation number from the immigration? Do you think this is the right way?
    If anyone can answer my question, I highly appreciate it…
    Thanks you so much.

    1. Dear Angeline,
      I am an American working in Seoul and I recently married a Philippina woman in Pampanga. I have an E-7 visa and she is coming here on a tourist visa. I thought I could apply for an F-3 while she is here but my employers are telling me that she will have to make the applicaton herself in the Philippines. The paperwork is simple but it looks like she/we will have to go back in a few months to make the application. In addition, I don’t know how long it will take. Did you resolve your F-3 Visa??

    2. Dear Angeline,
      I would like to know if your husband got the visa confirmation number from the immigration office in Seoul?
      I am also professor in Korea (though have only E-1 visa) and I was told in the immigration office that we have to apply in the Philippines, while we were told in the Philippines that we have to apply in Korea. As a result, we are confused now.
      I am happy to hear about your experience and if you might know any similar cases in order to know what to do next.
      Thank you very much!
      Best wishes,

  68. Hello,
    I’m an English teacher in Korea and I’m wondering what the easiest way to get my soon to be wife from the Philippines here with me.
    Is it better to marry her in the Philippines and worry about a K-3 visa later if we go to the United States? Get the K-1 visa and get married in the states?
    Any help would be great, thank you.

  69. I hope this comment does not arrive too late for a reply. If I want to apply for a F-3 to go to South Korea, where do I go if I stay in South Africa?

  70. hi..I am an indian..My hubby too is an indian working in korea..hav planned to visit him in a two month time and stay for the period of 2 months.what is the procedure to get visa ..shud i take dependent visa or tourist visa?

  71. Dear Betchay,
    My name is Michael and I am a professor at an university in South Korea (I have an E-1 visa). I would like to bring my wife from the Philippines to Korea.
    I read your blog-post about F3 dependent visa where you write that I have to first apply in Korea for my wife in order to receive a visa issuance number.
    I have been at the immigration office in my town (Chuncheon) and they told me that the only way to apply for a visa is in the Korean embassy in the Philippines. I was discussing with them for a longer time, but they did not change their opinion.
    As a result, I was wondering if your post is till valid (and the immigration officer is wrong) or weather you heard about any changes in this respect?
    It would be actually easier to apply here for us, since they accept here e.g. our international marriage certificate, while they seemingly want an NSO marriage certificate in the Korean embassy in the Philippines, which still might take several months to be issued.
    I am happy about any suggestion, recommendation or help!
    If anybody has applied here in Korea recently, I would be especially happy to hear from you.
    Thank you!

  72. Hello,
    If anybody knows a foreigner who has applied for an F-3 visa (i.e. the visa issuance number) for his Filipina wife in Korea recently, I would appreciate an e-mail from you. Please contact me at: prieler@gmail.com
    The immigration in my town pretends that this does not exist at all (at least for Philippines), and I would need some evidence that somebody already did it before. Even though also my employer tried to help me, they did not change their mind. They told me this must be done in the Korean Embassy in the Philippines and there is no other way.
    Thank you,

  73. hi my husband is a korean and we have a child i just wanted to know what kind of visa can i apply regarding this matter? thank you

  74. Since I received already several e-mails about F-3 dependent visa, I would like to summarize here in short how we got one.
    I have an E-1 visa, but I think it is the same for spouses of E-2 visa-holders.
    First of all, even though I tried everything (including important people from university arguing with immigration people for me), there was no way to receive an visa issuance number (this seems a specialty for the Philippines, because I know for other countries it is possible). At least in my town this was not possible – I cannot speak for other towns, but I guess rules are similar. They might also have changed from before.
    So, we were asked to apply first for “tourist”-visa in the Philippines and then change the status here in Korea.
    The immigration here, however, told me that there are actually two tourist visas and with the normal one you cannot change the status in Korea.
    Which tourist visa you get is decided by the consular, but is based on the documents you submit. It must be clear that you want to stay here and live with your husband and not that you just want to make a travel.
    The documents we submitted were:
    – Invitation Letter from Husband’s Company in Korea (original)
    – Copy of Husband’s Passport
    – Copy of Husbands Alien Registration Card
    – Copy of Husband’s Contract or Certificate of Employment
    – Copy of Marriage Certificate (only NSO certificate is accepted, even if you did not marry in the Philippines!! At least that was in my case – I married in Europe – I do not know about Korean marriage certificate)
    The visa took 5 days.
    After my wife arrived in Korea, we went to the immigration to change the status.
    We basically only needed our IDs, passport photo, the marriage certificate (with translation – they provided us a form for that, but basically anybody can do it, it does not have to be a special translating service), and a copy of the company’s invitation letter.
    After 2 weeks we received the positive result for status change and the alien registration card.
    In short, this whole process might be a bit confusing and not straightforward, but it works and is not that difficult.
    Best wishes and good luck to all who have to go trough a similar process!!!

  75. hello
    i am going to south Korea for PhD. is that possible that my wife come with me? could my wife use F-3 (dependent) visa to come with me and if it is possible, do you think our visa prepare in same time or not?

  76. good evening
    I am with my wife in Seoul. I ahve D-2 visa and my wife has F-3 visa. My wife is pregnant and she plan to deliver our new baby to my home country Bangladesh. When she come back again in Seoul what are documents need for my new baby for Visa processing.

  77. hi
    i am married. i am applying for student visa in Ajou university Korea, so can i apply with my husband(spouse) is it possible plz reply me soon.

  78. dear sir /mam
    I am studying in south korea since last 2 months as a masters student.Sir while applying for visa for korea,i was single and also mentioned single in visa application form.But for 4month i am planning to go to my home country and get married.I want to know that whether my spouse can apply for dependent visa as soon afler marriage with me?is there any special rules regarding newly married spouse?please clearify every necessary steps and process in order to bring her with me at same time after marriage.please give detail information what document should i have to prepare in order to get visa smoothly for my spouse.thank you very much ..looking forward for you reply very soon.its urgent…

  79. Hi, I m nepali women but my husband work in korea with eps by labor contract before 2years ago to go at korea, can i go and our son also go there with dependent visa?

    1. Hi Sangita! Unfortunately, you can’t get a dependent visa if your husband’s visa is E-9.

  80. Hi ms betchay,anu ba pwd ko pang gawin nagpunta po aq s korean embassy s hongkong para mag apply ng korean tourist visa pero po nung mkita nla n wla s tatlong buwan ung pera q s bank account sinbhan n aq n hnd aq mbibigyan pero my sapat n pera nman po ,may iba p bng paraan para mabigyan aq ng visa?

    1. He needs the E-7 so you could come here on F-1 or F-3. If he has F1, it means he’s also living in another household.

  81. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    I have a D-9 Visa here in Korea. I understand that an F-3 Visa is for family to be able to come to Korea. My question is, Once my wife got the Visa from Korean Embassy in the Philippines, does she have to go to POEA to process her Exit from our Immigration? or what are the documents she needs in order to leave our country through immigration.
    thanks and regards,

  82. Hi,
    My Husband is a Research Scholar at Pusan National University, Busan. He got visa for 2 years which will expire in Aug 2017. He can Extend his visa for 3 years. My question is can I Join my husband with my son (6 years old)
    Thanks & Regards

    1. Hi Deena! Yes, your husband could “petition” you and your son to live with him. I’m assuming your husband has the E-3 visa (Research). If so, you’ll be able to come here as a tourist and then apply for the F-3 visa once you’re here. Or your husband could apply for the visa at the immigration office and once the visa number is sent to him, you could go to the KE for the actual visa. These are the documents you’ll need:
      1. Application Form
      2. 1 pc Passport size colored picture
      3. Passport Original (6 Mons. Valid)
      4. Copy of Passport First page
      5. Orginal & Copy of valid visa and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years
      6. Copy of Husband’s Passport First Page
      7. Copy of Husband’s Alien I.D
      8. Copy of Husband’s Contract or Employment Certificate
      9. Original Nso Marriage Certificate
      10. If iinvited by Company in Korea :
      – Orginal Invitation Letter
      – Copy of Company’s Business Registration
      11. If personally invited by Korean :
      – Orginal Invitation Letter
      – Copy of Invitor’s I.D or Passport

  83. Dear Betchay
    Thank you for your response and the information. My husband is on D2 visa. I would like to know after coming there if I am allowed to take up job(part time/full time) there and What are the possible work visas?
    I am a computer science lecturer with 10 years of teaching experience.
    Thanks & Regards

  84. Hi, I am here on D2 visa as a PhD student.. My husband is on an F3 visa… how can he legally work? what is the procedure that we should follow?

    1. People on F3 visa are generally not allowed to work but if he could find employment, he needs to report it to the immigration so he could change his visa to a more appropriate one.

  85. hi ininvite ko po dti ung bro.ko dto for only a tourist but he ovestay here..pwdy pa po ba me uli mg invite sa morher ko..how long po ung band of my bro…

    1. Hi! Yung entry ban ay between 2 years hangang 5 years depende sa immigration. Pwede pa rin naman i-invite ang mother mo dahil nakauwi na naman ang brother mo.

  86. I would like to bring my family from india. I am going to take dependent visa for my family. What i have to write in the purpose of visit column . I am doing research in south korea. Please could you clarify me in this regard?
    Thanks in advance…

  87. Hi!pano po ba mag change status ang G1visa na magulang kasi ang anak ay nag aaral dito sa korea bale ang visa ng anak ay D-4visa sya po ay nag aaral sa public school(middle school)sya

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