Song Il Guk's fiancee

There are lots of news today about actor Song Il Guk’s fiancee, Ms. Jung. She has been appointed this morning by the Supreme Court to the 15th Judicial District Court in Busan City. She and the lead star of “Jumong” and “Lobbyist” met in 2006.
Song Il Guk is 37 while Ms. Jung is 32. They are going to get married next month, March (as reported). The question is, will they be a weekend couple? Hmm…


  1. dear Ms Guk
    I like to invite you & your husband Mr. guk to my country(Iran) & my home. how can i do it?plz guide me.
    i hope you will live happily ever after.

    hello mr Song Il Guk.
    I’m from Iran.I saw most of your movie.they are very beautiful,
    just because you play in them.
    and jumong is beautiful too.very very beautiful.
    I love you so much.
    May God save you for us for ever.
    please come to Iran very soon With your wife and make Irannian & me happy.
    I love you

  3. dear song il guk:
    you are like a flower that everybody love you.
    you are my love and LOVE make the world go round.
    I love you.
    all of the irannian love you.
    I’m your fun.
    bye lovely song.

  4. aneseou song an ash mika sarnhe song . i from iran. ane gase ou song saranhe saranhe sarahe song

  5. i love you very much saranghae…gua ai di mahal kita te amo…
    you are my
    one and only
    hope to see you han hye jin
    together in a same film
    or drama again
    because you are the best
    couple ive ever seen

  6. i love you very much saranghae…gua ai di mahal kita te amo…
    you are my
    one and only
    hope to see you han hye jin
    together in a same film
    or drama again
    because you are the best
    couple ive ever seen

  7. hi mr. song il gook
    I hope u be happy for the rest of your life with your wife.
    I really hope so.
    with best regards:)

  8. Hi Song Il Guk thank you for a wonderful “JUMONG” I love to watch it again and again because its really fantastic,probably the story,there are many people here in the philippines that appreciated the importance of the story of jumong as well as the other korean show..thanks a lot!goodluk to your carriers and to your love life.

  9. hello mr. song il guk im your #1 fan im from philipines did you know all your pictures are on my document saranghae

  10. I like you very much especially in a movie,a man called god.l live in myanmar and do you remember this word?”min-ga-lar-pa”that time you come to mm,i’ve no chance to meet you.plz forgive me.i’ll come to kr next month & i’ll find as much as i can

  11. hello,mr song,i am writing to you.
    please reply to me.ok
    now, i am watching your tv serie,”body guard”

    1. Good day mr song
      i am sure that i will write to you every day.
      don’t you come to mm?
      you had said that you wanted to come to bagan!
      please come with your wife.
      right here waiting for you…

  12. Happy day,song!!
    l had heard that you would go to abord.
    l think you arriving now.
    make happy yourself!

  13. GN,mr song il gook!!
    Now,im watching your tv series,Terms of endearment.
    it is on air of mm tv.
    yoU are so cute in it

  14. Hi! Mr songIG,
    im writing 2U now.
    Are you thinking that gay might be hasn’t job because im writing a letter for u everyday?:))
    i [_o< the day i will find you out.
    i :-w

  15. Hello!songilkookshi
    im watching “Bodyguard” now.
    so poor Han Sow Suu:))

    1. to Ms. Kim Yoo Hee: LOL. you made me laugh! I dont know if you realize that this is not Song Il Guk’s website and there are little chances he reads your ‘letters’… sorry if by saying that I made you sad and disappointed.
      Dear Mr.Betchay’s blog readers! If you (by any chance) know Song Il Guk’s fans’ website, pls write it here. I’d appreciate if we help Ms.Kim, cause i am a fan (of Rain) too, and quite understand the way she feels =) thanks!

    1. you are strange. the least. i just wanted to help – but you are right, now it is ‘none-of-my-business’.

  16. Ms.elyoka,
    yeah!im a strange girl.And then,what’s way do u wanna help me?
    Who are u?we haven’t meet n know.So l said”NOYB”.

  17. hi mr song,am from tanzania,iam crazy about you plz cum to tanzania,your wife is very lucky to have u.

  18. Hi,I am from Iran.I am sorry for you because,your wife is not han hye jin,and I am sorry for you because your wife is a judge. you&han hye jin are best capul.if you&han hye jin(sosano)have a baby,your baby will be very beautiful……………………..

  19. Why f3 visa was cant det e9 visa holder. thats not fair .every one who the work in south korea .the foreigners want to be invite theire family but the korean government not giving the permitio .why

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