Sandara Park is finally in the news!

The number one most searched topic on Daum this afternoon is Big Bang’s T.O.P. and Sandara Park’s kissing scene for singer Gummy’s (거미) new music video “미안해요” (mianhaeyo or “sorry”). Sandara is referred to in Korea as the 필리핀 ë³´ì•„ (Philippine Boa). The MV is Sandara’s official debut on Korean entertainment scene. YG Entertainment said she will be in a drama soon. I’m sure her Filipino fans are waiting for her.


  1. I had to do a google search for more pics. I actually heard of a Philippine BoA a while back, and when the second pic came up, I recognized who she was.
    Glad to hear she got her career up and running. She seriously deserves it. Sounds like she worked hard to break into Korea.

  2. i’ve learned about it today as well, she even posted it i her cyworld account. it really is true, i’m so happy for her. hope this will be the start of a great oppotunities to come in her career in Korea.

  3. Glad to hear this. Although i’m not really a Sandara fan during her SCQ days here in the Philippines, because of my Hallyu addiction lately (hmm for about 2 years now, is it still considered “lately”?), i’ve always wondered why Korean Entertainment Industry is not considering of giving her a project yet. I’ve always thought of searching for her name online to see if something about her having a project in Korea will came up. But i always forgot (because i’m always pre-occupied with Kim Suna i guess, lol). I was surprised to see what i was looking for here.
    Good luck to Sandy! Although I didn’t have a project with her when I was still working in ABS-CBN / StarCinema, i’ve bumped into her a couple of times in ABS-CBN’s corridors. She’s cute and ‘mabait’ but i wasn’t able to appreciate her at that time. If only I was Hallyu-addicted then, i might have made friends with her. ^^
    *Sandy! Fighting!

  4. Hi Sandy ! You finally made it in Korea! I know you’ll make it , you had a good training in the Phillipines. ‘Miss you and we’ll finally see you in one of the dramas we’re watching, that’s great! Aji! Aji!

  5. finally, something good for Sandara! she was crying her eyes out when she said she’ll be back in Korea, but i guess it paid off really well for her.

  6. eiii!!! i have been waiting for so long…for sandara to debut in korea. i’m really happy and excited for her that she’s going to be in gummy’s mv…Go! Fighting!!!Sandy…can’t wait for you kdrama.

  7. onething for sure y i love korean because of sandara park. when sandy went back to korea i’m always searching the internet for any news about her. and now that she’s in the news i am really happy and thanks to bechay (buhay sa korea) you website was a big help for me. My life was not complete without seeing buhay sa korea. thank you so much. saranghamnida.

  8. yay!! sandy is back.. i heard that she went back to korea.. hope everything will turn out great for her..

  9. thanks hope can hear from her more take care of u sandy u have all the chances still. good luck, good health were still here waiting for more god bless

  10. Hello Sandara I saw your picture and also heard about your Biography its very sad but I know that the best thing you should do is find a better manager to handle your career. now at least you got both worlds in your hands you speak tagalog and koreans and also english. if you wanna be in a showbiz you need to focus yourself whether your in Philippines or Korea. You should always take it seriously you know that a lot of filipinos really miss you a lot and i hope that someday that when you decided to go back to the Philippines we are gonna be there for you .Just to let you know always trust in GOD and also always focus yourself on your own career you are good looking, charming and try to be patience and humble all this thing will help you. My only wish that someday you will be back again in the Philippines and do some movies .If working in Korea is not working for you, you can always go back in the Philippines. Show to the world that you are the new Sandara Park that has grown up mature,intelligent and wise. I wish you luck.!!!

  11. hi Sandara Park, glad to see you again. I am not your fans actually. But I have seen your movie in DVD and heard about you during my visist in the Phil. back in 2005. Well, more power and I hope you will make it big back in your home country(South Korea)

  12. Maraming salamat naman at nagkaroon din ng project ang aking idol sana mas marami pa dahil mahusay naman siyang kumanta at umarte,talagang maydating sa puso at ang kanyang karisma sa audience wow ha hindi ito bola.Thank You and more power to Sandara Park God Bless You always..

  13. sana po pumunta n po sya sa philippines mis na mis n po sya ng buong bansa xah vi daw po nla laos k n daw po pero sabi ko d pa type na type po kitang artist sana po umuwi npo kyo……………♥♥♥♥♥♥♥~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  14. hi, salamat naman at may news na about sayo sandar….. I hope that you can make a koreanmovie… to watch by your filipino’s fan….gooooo….god bless

  15. please, can you tell to sandara na miss na miss na siya namin i hope that she will come back her.. still, many fans awaits her..or kahit isang araw lang siya dito sa pinas…i hope so

  16. hi sandy good to hear that they are begin to recognize you there beside your really are korean i miss you i even cry when i heard you are living for korea,because of what happen here in the phil. as one of the reason why you left the country,and what happening to you rigth now thats Gods way of telling you how much you love by him and your family dont forget to ask guidance to him if thing dont come accordingly his just there to listen everytime. good luck to your carreer, more blessing and we miss you mwahhh!

  17. well,everything really happens for a reason..maybe its time for her to shine in her new least that’s where she grew up..mas gumanda nga sya eh..bagay sa kanya ang korean look..what a transformation..she’s a woman now,a beautiful woman..Good luck sa career..and were praying for your success..miss you sandy!..

  18. Thanks for the post! I just want to comment to some detractors… Let’s give Sandara a chance to prove herself! You said on some blogs/sites that she can’t act and sing well… That she is not that talented… Think again. It maybe because that time, she can’t express herself well since she was using the Filippino language. Remember that it is not her native tongue. If its Korean language, she will understand it better and would express it more properly.

  19. on my previous post:
    I found out that its actually Filipino, not Filippino. Sorry for the wrong spelling! Thanks Google for correcting me! 🙂

  20. If sandara`s show is done I hope that it will be seen here in philippines because I do love her very much i am his #1 fan here in philippines

    1. 박산다라 Korean names are usually two syllables based on Chinese characters (Hanja) but traditional Korean names can be longer… my husband has a friend whose first name is four syllables 🙂

  21. wow, that’s something new that i learned today…thanks po…lahat kasi ng kakilala ko dito puro 3 syllables lang ang full name…
    at para hindi OT: mukhang sumisikat na si Sandara, i have at least one friend here who heard of her

  22. ^^ natutuwa rin ako for sandara… i’m not a fan pero nakakatuwa na nakikipag-ugnayan pa rin siya sa mga fans niya sa pilipinas… at nagtatagalog siya ha!

  23. elow really an avid fan of urs.durig ur scq days im suporting u.i really2 like u..hop u wil go bck here n d phil. or evn jst vst us u so mch.go sandara park.go krung2

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  25. i just heared it tonight from my Korean student….
    I was really surprised when she asked me if I know Sandara Park and I immediately said “YES!” I’m so proud when I hear it that she had a project with Big Bang’s T.O.P and TVXQ’s Hero. (even though i wasn’t her fan before here in Philippines, but she did a big break here in our country and now, she’s doing it there in her’s……keep rulin’ , Park!.

  26. hi ate sandy! very glad na nsa news kana nmn! fanz moko!..proud poh ko sau ate sandy!..
    take care poh^^,
    sarang heayo^^,
    eonni sandy!..

  27. Si ate Sandy, you left here in the philippines crying, but God did not left you and guide you to be successful there in Korea.. Honestly i didn’t watch PBB teen edition which “Kim” reigns and become popular na when sandy came back here, there were no projects for her.. which is sad.. and at that time i was hating abs-cbn for that. and kim/gerald tandem too.. sabi ko na nga ba iniisip ko last year na cguro nagtrtrain si ate Sandy for a major music label and have a break.. napakinggan ko na yung 30 sec demo ng single “Fire” by 2NE1 ang ganda…!! sumesexy kana dyan and i hope you will be the next BoA or Korean Britney lol!! More Power Krung Krung!!
    jaspers last blog post..Colby A’ Donis

  28. OMG,!!! I can’t believe it!!! Sandara Park kissed T.O.P!!!! wawahahahahahahahuhuhuhuhu :((
    I feel happy for Sandy, because of her successful carrier in her own country. . .
    But I feel so envy because she had a chance to kiss T.O.P!!! waaaaahuhuhuhuhuhu 🙁

  29. Hi! Sandara…I am a big fun of yours since “Star Circle Quest” I supported you all the way through texting vote…Now I am so happy for you that you are now being acknowledge at your native land in Korea…So, keep up the good work, stay as nice as you are, keep your feet on the ground and lastly dont be bothered of those bad comments about you….Goodluck

  30. Hello Sandara!
    I just want to let you know that Mr. Boy Abunda of ABS-CBN is VERY PROUD of what you are doing today in Korea…

  31. Anyong Haseyo! Mabuhay!
    Hi Sandara,
    I want you to know that I’m so happy on whats going on in your career in your native country. Keep it up just don’t forget your fans here in the Philippines. God bless you always.

  32. idk wth am i doing? lol
    i never been a fan of yours (sandara) but then i felt pitty for you what happened to your family and your carrer here in the philippines.
    am glad that despite of the odds your standing still with a BIG smile.
    congratulations for the success of your 2ne1 group…
    btw i support u now… just stay the way you are and continue to ask God for support.

    1. @ sarah macabago >> when i talked to the PD of “Only You” last March, he told me that they contacted Sandy if she could have a special appearance in the drama… hindi daw pwede sabi ng handlers niya

  33. Hi sandy 🙂 we mis u so much, hope that you’ll come back here in the Philippines.. we’re waiting for you!!

  34. hi!
    masaya po aq khit pano po nkapag comment aq d2!
    ingat po plage!
    i’m 1 of ur many2 pans!

  35. woah,,
    sabi ko na nga ba ye…
    sya yung nasa 2ne1
    i like her tha kim chui…
    sana bumalik sya dito sa philippines…

  36. “Sandara is referred to in Korea as the 필리핀 ë³´ì•„ (Philippine Boa).”
    not even close.
    Philippine BoA?
    i had my laugh for the day. thanks.


  38. wow! congratulations sandy!! wise move on your career!!! Filipino love you!! hope that 21 will have a concert in the Philippines, sure it would be a hit!!

  39. nice sandy i wish you could visit the pillipines again 2ne1 song are very very i energytic girl power sana mg show kayo dito nd sana balik u dito uli for all of ur fans here like me by the ur very hot

  40. sayang dati fav. kita ngayon iba na si kim na very sorry talaga ha sana patawarin mo ko lolipop ikaw ba ang nag kanta may fav. song and nobody

    1. hi pho favorite po nakin si shandara.. kasi ang ganda nya at ang cute nya sobvra… at ang bait bait nya.. hindi sya masyado maxungit… at.. ang ganda ng mga song nya ngayun sa korea…. ako pal;a si kim.. i dol kita sandara……

  41. sayang dati fav. kita ngayon iba na si kim na very sorry talaga ha sana patawarin mo ko lolipop ikaw ba ang nag kanta may fav. song and nobody who is your bf miss u

  42. sayang dati fav. kita ngayon iba na si kim na very sorry talaga ha sana patawarin mo ko lolipop ikaw ba ang nag kanta may fav. song and nobody who is your bf miss u

  43. sayang dati fav. kita ngayon iba na si kim na very sorry talaga ha sana patawarin mo ko lolipop ikaw ba ang nag kanta may fav. song and nobody who is your bf miss u

  44. sayang dati fav. kita ngayon iba na si kim na very sorry talaga ha sana patawarin mo ko lolipop ikaw ba ang nag kanta may fav. song and nobody who is your bf miss u

  45. sayang dati fav. kita ngayon iba na si kim na very sorry talaga ha sana patawarin mo ko lolipop ikaw ba ang nag kanta may fav. song and nobody who is your bf miss u

  46. t.o.p tiene que estar conmigoooooooooo lo amo me vuelve loca…………..algun dia ire a corea y lo voy a buscar para casarmae con el!!!!!! a sandara me la piteo no ma y estamos listos

  47. go go DARA we love you ur so talented super duper!
    to the highest level SO please dont compare sandara to kim because KIMCHUI is NOTHING!!!! so dont compare DARA to that KIM.
    we LOVE you SANDARA!! ♥♥

  48. …h, sAndy akA darA in 2ne1 sup0r dupEr fans m0 tlAga aq…snA vict ky0 d2 sa p¡nAs,.l0ve yuH

  49. lhadygaga
    gaga ka talaga. you can not compare Kim Chiu with Sandara>I know Sandara is also a sweet girl so with Kim Chiu.Ikaw ano!maasim pa siguro sa suka di kaya sa sinigang mix ni mama sita.Hoy! proud of your kakayan first before you admire others.buanggggggggggggggggggggggg.ka.

  50. i had watched krungkrungs movie with hero entitled can this be love….ive never been a fan of her ,but when i watched that movie i started luving sandy…to the fact that ive became an avid fan of her…now im really happy for her career…i hope that someday she will do projects again together with our filipino stars …and stay thesame never forget where she started..and most especially never forget the ”the filipino language”…haha….!!

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