1. She was the girl in My Sassy Girl, right? I always thought she was pretty, but after that movie, seems like she only did modeling and commercials. Disappointing she never stayed in the spotlight, I definitely thought she had the looks – and here acting was good – not great, but good.

  2. Hmm.. Jeon Ji Hyun is still very much active in movies.. actually she has an upcoming hollywood film called Blood: the last vampire due this spring in the US. Although, I have to agree that she stayed out of the spotlight after My Sassy Girl most of her films are pretty much in the weird side and much less sassier. I love her, I think she is a very talented actress… one of those rare kind of x factor that no one can touch..

  3. Lolz…She’s 8 years older than me…The Sassy Girl was the best I hope there would be a story that will interconnect fully the “Wind Struck” And the “My Sassy Girl”…though Im already making one lolz…

  4. hi! to miss jeon ji hyun a.k.a sassy girl, hope you do more movies even wen you are 30! coz im a big fan of yours.i will watch all of your movies and colect the movies of yours! more project to you and god bless…..

  5. i’m totally agree, after My Sassy Girl days she looks different plus while she’s getting older her image became more matured and her looks before has gone a little!

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