White day (화이트데이)

February 14 is to “Red day” as March 14 is 화이트데이 (White day). It is Korean men’s turn to give candies or gifts to their girlfriends. This custom originated in Japan in the 80’s. Last weekend, my husband and I were talking about how innovative the Japanese are. And he agreed. Like most Koreans, he hates the Japanese government but likes a lot of things Japanese (like we both love sashimi and Ayumi Hamasaki and that we’ve been planning to go to Japan for the longest time and we both have Japanese friends).
When my son and I went camera-hunting the other day, we saw young men shopping for candies. To some, it may seem a little gay but I admire how these guys would spend time looking for gifts for their girls. Most guys I know would rather not be seen shopping and would just buy something online, sitting on their comfortable leather office chairs. 🙂


  1. Hmm… I heard about this before from my Korean friends, but that was it – no details.
    What’s the most common thing Koreans do on White Day and what is the most common gift or candy? Like, chocolates and a movie; roses and dinner?
    And more importantly, what does the lazy girl have to do? =P Haha, I’m just kidding! Don’t kill me!

  2. It’s more common to give candies on White Day… it’s really so unfair when men get chocolates on Valentine’s Day!

  3. hahaha.. so that’s why on korean dramas, girls give chocolates to boys during valentine’s day. hahaha.. while in the Philippines, girls would be waiting to receive chocolates AND flowers! hahaha

  4. Hello po! Napakasaya naman pong basahin ang mga entries sa blog niyo. I’m an English teacher for Korean here in the Philippines at dahil March 14 is coming up, I’m researching about Korea’s White Day. Luckily, I ran in to your blog. ^^ Thanks, and I will keep reading your posts.

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