Stay away from imported cars

Imported cars are so expensive in Korea, what with the duties levied on them. Last night, my husband was reading a story on the internet. It was about a guy who saved up for his first car — a used one — and had an accident before he could even get a private car insurance. Apparently, he tried to avoid a taxi that appeared out of nowhere. Taxis here don’t signal. In the process, he hit an imported car. His ordinary insurance doesn’t cover accidents involving imported cars. So he’ll have to compensate for the damage. Geez, I bet the value of his car won’t even be enough to pay for the imported car’s fender flares

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  1. Wow, that is a pretty crazy thing. I guess it is a smart way to keep domestic economy flowing, but it also puts foreign cars on a pedestal, which, with the exception of German brands, is an incorrect impression, IMO.

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