Who drives what?

Korean actors Bae Yong Joon and Jang Dong Gun both endorses the Korean car brand “Hyundai” (현대 – which is pronounced as hyeon-dae). BYJ’s CF came out two years ago while JDG’s was just last year. I think Hyundai is just one of the cars that they possess. They could afford to have more than one car.
Who drives the most expensive cars among Korean talents? At number 5, Jang Dong Gun has a Porsche Carrera S. Korean singer Tae Jin A has a BMW 740. Former HOT member Tony An drives a Ferrari, while actor Park Sang Min has the purple Lamborghini Diablo. So who drives a Maybach? Bae Yong Joon. With the kind cars these people drive, I wonder how much do they pay for car insurance.


  1. hi GIDGET! JDG is more famous in Korea… i saw a BYJ vs JDG article the other day… i’ll dig it up later…

  2. At least it looks like they don’t discriminate against European cars, but I notice a lack of Japanese brands like Nissan…

  3. Well, I guess the top korean actors who earn big bucks would be driving bigtime cars.
    And Betchay, thanks for the info on who’s more famous in Korea. Just glad that it’s Jang Dong Gun. I like Bae Yong Joon too, but it’s Jang Dong Gun who tops my list…no one else.

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