Song Il Guk, cleared!

Song Il Guk has been cleared of the charges filed against him by a freelancing female reporter. Almost two months ago, the reporter accused Mr. Song of assaulting her when she tried to “ambush” interview him. She claimed that he hit her with his elbow when she approached him. The actor filed a libel suit to the tune of 2-billion won (about US$200,000) against her and a Korean news portal site.
Song Il Guk has been know for being “gentle”. Not “gentle” as in effeminate but like a gentleman. The court has ruled that the freelance writer wasn’t telling the truth. He is a big guy who has been trained in martial arts.


  1. I say he looks like a girly-man though! Hehe…
    But yeah, I can’t imagine Song Il Guk doing something like that. Just seesm so outu of character. BUUUUT… it’s not like I know the guy, so you never know… O_O

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