Rat in a snack

One of my favorite junk foods here is “Se-u Kkang” which is similar to the snack “Oishi” that we have in the Philippines. I have it with vinegar and salt dipping. My husband said that’s why some Filipinos smell sour, because we use a lot of vinegar in our food. I just answered that Koreans smell like garlic.
Two nights ago, it has been reported that a rat’s head was found in a bag of the popular snack. Yikes! The manufacturer, NongShim, claimed that it could’ve come from the raw materials they import from China. They immediately issued a product recall and an apology.
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  1. I also have a bunch of these in my cupboard… You’re right it is similar to Oishi but I don’t think I’ll have one anytime soon.
    By the way great blog you’ve got going here, keep it up.

  2. Whoaaa… that’s so gross!
    lol, you showed him! Hehe. Ah well, always nice to poke fun at each other!
    I actually like salt & vinegar chips a lot. I know it’s not the same, but vinegar is totally addictive!

  3. I’m never gonna have those anymore!!! I like buying it pa naman sa ‘family mart’ lalo na pag out-of-town trips…. ka-ka disappoint naman ang ‘NongShim’, like ko pa naman yung mga snacks and ramyeon nila… I think I should stay away from those too kasi sa China rin sila nag-i-import ng raw materials para dun…

  4. @Emil – thanks for visiting
    @AzureWolf – salt and vinegar is my favorite Pringles flavor… they don’t have it here though
    @Em – for ramyeon, i’d suggest you to try Pulmuone’s “Seng Ramyeon”… it’s in a green package and it’s better than Nongshim’s… a little more expensive but it’s worth the bucks

    1. No lily, actually people all over blame china because you can’t find any items that are not “made in china” now a days. Ever heard of “toxic dumplings” made from china that killed people in japan? and “melomin” contained baby formula that killed newborn babies in korea? look it up if you think I’m lying. No wonder koreans blame them for rat heads.

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