Lee Dong Gun's sad news

I read about the story of two Korean students stabbed in Sydney. Tonight, I’ve been reading that one of the victims is Lee Dong Gun’s younger brother. Lee Dong Gun gained popularity in the Philippines through the Korean drama “Lovers in Paris”. He recently broke up with long-time girlfriend Han Ji Hye. Here’s the news report from Sydney:

UPDATE: Lee Dong Gun is tentatively scheduled to come back to Korea on the 26th. Korean netizens sympathize with the actor and his family. Here’s a picture of Lee Dong Gun’s younger brother and his mom.


  1. Omo Omo!!! I hope this will not affect his upcoming project with Kim Sun Ah. The least Sun Ah needs these days is another “delay”. She might have experienced all the delays in the world this past 3 years… =.=

  2. What the heck is wrong with you Alodia?? His brother was just MURDERED and all you care about is it not affecting his work and Kim Sun Ah’s delays?? You definitely don’t have a heart!

  3. i agree with Jjang ,the man just lost his brother for christsake ;he is not thinking about a drama

  4. The two killers were chinese (18) year olds, who had actually stabbed Lee’s brother and the korean friend because the two korean males were tall and good looking. The two chinese obviously told authorities that they killed them because “they were looking down on them”. This is because the two chinese maggots obviously aren’t going to tell the police that they killed them because the korean guys were better looking and cooler than them and they felt jealous. Duh.
    If i was korean, i’d kill all chinese people. Actually, even though i’m not korean, i still feel taht way. It seems that young korean males who are, whether happy or struggling, all try hard and strive to live a better life. WHILE chinese males feel the need to terrorize others and those who are seemingly better than them.
    Why do chinese people do such stupdi things?
    Even in the world of soccer, chinese soccer fans think the game is somethign related to who is better and what not. Well, if that’s what soccer is about, obviously china is weak and pathetic compared to the rest of the world. AND THE CHINESE KNOW THEIR MENS SOCCER TEAM SUCKS, but they force themselves to believe they are the best race and try to kill koreans and japanese.
    chinese men can just go fuck themselves

  5. Geez, Chris, I think you find crazies in every race. If it seems China has most of them, that is only because there are so many Chinese people. Percentage-wise, I think it is the same for every race.
    Whether it happens to a Korean or African, a celebrity or a commoner, it is quite a tragedy to lose a brother…

  6. I feel bad…
    Jjang and Kimi, you’re right. What was I thinking earlier? Maybe I wasn’t thinking at all.
    It’s very tragic to lose a family member, a friend, an acquaintance, anyone by such a stupid and senseless killing… and all I can think of earlier was his upcoming drama.
    I really feel bad reading my comment earlier… I wasn’t really thinking.
    To Jjang and Kimi, thanks for making me come to my senses… sorry

  7. chris, you’ve got much angst and bigotry going on and it’s the kind of bigotry that spreads animosity. we don’t need that now.i’m sorry but you sounded no better than the race you called “pathetic”. for now, let the aggrieved family mourn their loss and let the healing begin…

  8. Hum…
    I just become the fans of Lee Dong Gun this lately.
    Wow… even it’s been 1 year his brother leaving,… but i just an say deepest condolence for Lee Oppa…
    Hope that you can be stong in any conditions.
    I believe that God always be with you in all things you do..
    God bless and love you always Lee dong Gun Oppa….
    love you also…

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