New camera

I have a new camera, it’s a Canon A720IS. After reading a lot of reviews for weeks, I finally decided on it. I’d like to get my hands on a DSLR in the future and I thought that this camera is just what I need. It isn’t too big, has a midsized zoom (6x), manual controls, good video capability (so I won’t have to bring my Canon camcorder all the time). I ordered from the internet last Tuesday morning, but they only delivered it this afternoon. When I order online, I usually receive my stuff the next day or the day after. Anyway, I’m happy and excited! It came with accessories like the Powershot case, lens cleaner, photo printing gift voucher, mini tripod and lens cover. The whole package is 229,000 won and I chose to pay it in 10 monthly interest free installments. My husband told me I should pay for it, so I thought that if I charge it in installments he wouldn’t notice. Foxy!
I tried to buy this camera at Namdaemun last Friday, but it wasn’t available at all the stores I went to. Some sellers even tried to offer other brands/models that I soon found out to be the worst cameras rated on the internet. I guess when you’re a woman, they usually think you don’t know anything about technical stuff. I don’t know everything but I read whenever I need to. Between my husband and I, he’s the technically challenged one. I could assemble a computer and I know how to use the command prompt. He couldn’t!


  1. Haha, how sneaky! I am in the market for a new camera, and it looks like I will get the Lumix LZ7. I like buying outdated cameras because they are still very good but so cheap. I really like Sony’s T2, but it is not for me – and neither is the price.
    Congrats on the new camera! I hope we see it put to good use on this blog ;-P

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