Spring rain

It’s springtime and yet we couldn’t even go out for some fun on the weekend. The weather here is really good from Mondays to Fridays and then it rains on Saturdays and Sundays. Unfortunately, my husband works on weekdays. Really, they should change the days for weekends in spring. My friends and I had planned spring picnics since we met and yet we have never been out for one since it almost always rain on the weekend! In the winter, Koreans have what they call “삼한 사온” which means “three days cold, three days warm” for the winter weather. In the spring, they should have a “주말비” or weekend rain.
One thing that I really like to do is go to the beach. Back home, it’s the season for beach vacations. And I know that millions (or at least thousands) of netizens are searching for cheap holidays.
This weekend, my husband will be going on a business trip to India. I told him that he could visit a beach there. Goa in India is famous for its sunny beaches. Unfortunately, we couldn’t travel with him. It would be better if he could find clients to the Carribean ;). We’ll definitely join him! I’m sure we could find all inclusive holidays there. I’ve read somewhere that as South Koreans prefer to go to cheap destinations in Southeast Asia, the Japanese tourists are choosing the Caribbean for their beach holidays.