Thank heavens for CCTVs!

This is one of the most widely searched stories on Daum today. A man attacked a 10-yr old girl in an elevator. He hit her repeatedly in the head and dragged her by the hair outside the elevator. Luckily, a woman living on the first floor heard the girl’s screams and rushed to help her. The man immediately fled the area, removing his cap (how stupid could he get!) and exposing his face to the CCTVs. This happened on the 26th of March in the district of Ilsan, city of Goyang in the province of Gyeonggi. It has been said that the police didn’t respond immediately. Good thing the media picked this story up!


  1. I saw this on the news while on the train to Seoul last night… it gave me goosebumps.
    there are sick people out there..

  2. @AzureWolf >> the parents gave the tapes to the media…
    @SarahS >> so true and to think that he served time before for child molestation…

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