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Being an active member of a Pinoy forum has kept me up to date with what’s happening in the Philippines. Almost a month ago, I came across a blog that I had read about in PEx. The title of the thread is Another EDISON CHEN SEX scandal in the making… The blog has reached monstrous popularity because of the steamy and scandalous posts it contains. It seemed to be like a follow-up to Kitty Go’s When Chic Happens and Chic Hits the Fan, which I really enjoyed reading (in the bathroom!).
According to legal beagles back home, the blog is libelous as it has mentioned real names of real people (and in a very negative manner). And bloggers are claiming freedom of speech. At least they can still post anonymous comments! You can’t do that here or really risk being sued for libel.
Anonymous commenting in Korean sites is next to impossible. Even if you use a nickname to post, you’ll still need a real Korean ID number and a name to register. That’s why if you have a Korean ID, it’s important to protect it (as it is much like the US’ SSN). Ordinary netizens here have been sued by famous Korean actors/actresses for posting rumors or just negative comments.


  1. The blog (Talented Mr. Montano) is indeed libelous, tactless at least. If just for entertainment value, I won’t have it to be shut down.
    시니강이 한국 사람들이 좋아해죠? 와 그게 몰라요. ì œ 교수님이 다시 만냐면 다른 시니강을 먹어야 되요–히폰. ^^;

  2. Wow, that is quite the shocker! I must spread the news like wildfire! lol
    It’s understandable that he just wants his money back. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I lost 70,000 USD of my own money…
    And yeah, it is quite annoying that you have to sign up and give a number for everything, however little, like play an online game in Korea!

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