Judith Alegre Fernandez: first Filipino in Korea's National Assembly?

주디스 알레그레 헤르난데스 (Judith Alegre Fernandez) could as well be the first Philippine-born and naturalized Korean to sit at the National Assembly in Korea. She has been nominated by the 창조한국당 (Creative Korea Party) as a proportional representation candidate. My husband told me about this info about three weeks ago. The elections will be held next week. Read more about her in these articles:
The CPK writes a new chapter in political history
“I want to become a member of the National Assembly”


  1. Hmmm…She could have well secured the votes of the Filipinos in her district. I just don’t know if Koreans are ready to accept someone not of their own ‘race’. But more power to her. If she wins, it’ll do a lot to give minority Filipino groups there a voice to reckon. Maraming salamat po sa pag-add sa blogroll nyo. ^^;

  2. So does she have your vote or you don’t get into politics? First time I ever heard something political on this blog, but I haven’t been here long, hehe.

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