Subway line 5 scandal

About a week ago, a video of two men kissing and having oral sex in a car on subway line 5 spread on the internet. It was one of the most popular searches last week. News portals showed blurred captures. The title of the scandalous video is ´지하철 5호선, 남자 둘´. It has been circulating on peer-to-peer networks. The police said that it was staged, like 100% fake (although the act is so real) and that the guys were paid actors. They also said that the video is about two or three years old but only became famous now.
The video is really lewd. I think it’s really staged or the guys are just exhibitionists and narcissistic. They could’ve done it in the restroom (every subway station here has restrooms) or why not rent a motel? It would just cost them 20,000 won!


  1. yikes…..i can’t believe they had the guts to do it in the subway….to think that the korean society has very low tolerance for homosexuality and stuff

  2. Yes, I have to say, considering Korea’s low tolerance for “curvy” guys and PDS, the only way this could have been done on the subway is if it was staged. Otherwise, this would be a beating or slaughter story, if not just an arrest.

  3. ^^ just copy the korean title and use a p2p prog 🙂
    make sure your computer is hangeul capable

  4. This video was shot in 2002, and yes, it was taken on Subway Line 5, car 1, bound for Banghwa. They were not real actors but they do this for money.

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