Black Day

Today is not only Oh Ji Ho’s birthday, it is also a special day for those who are unattached. If February 14 is the date when women give chocolates to their men, and March 14 is the men’s turn to give candies to their women, April 14 is when those who didn’t get anything on the dates mentioned before go out to eat black bean sauce noodles or “jja jang myeon”. If you’ve been watching Korean dramas (specially Gung S with Seven), you’ll know what this is. This is not really a significant event. It is one of those occasions promoted for consumption. If I were unattached, I’m not sure whether I’ll feel flattered or insulted by this “occasion”. One thing is for sure, I’ll need Orovo after eating jjajangmyeon.


  1. I find it so filling that I can’t even finish one serving. Don’t get me wrong I like it pero minsan naka ka uta kaya I have to share it with my colleagues.

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