Inwangsan Marathon

On April 20, my husband will join hundreds at the 18K long Inwangsan Marathon. It will be held on the mystical mountain of Inwang, famous for its Buddhist and Shaman temples. This is his first marathon ever. This early, I’m thinking of joining the 10K race alone or the 5K race with my son next year. The registration fee is 30,000 won but Jongro-gu residents get a 50% discount, so he only paid 15,000 won (around US$15). The marathon package was delivered last Monday and I was so excited I opened it without my husband’s consent! Inside is a t-shirt, an electronic chip, his number and a magazine.
The race is only 18K but it is on a mountain – or tall hill – that peaks at 390 meters (according to the magazine). My husband is used to climbing mountains. He would even go on a 3-day trek at Jiri Mountain in Jeolla province. However, a mountain marathon is different from mountain climbing. Since this is his first marathon, he’s afraid that it might take him the maximum alloted time to finish the race which is three hours. I told him that it really doesn’t matter if he wins or not. Just charge it to experience, but I chided that I’ll buy him a Rolex Daytona if he finishes the race first placed. I know he can’t win first so I had the guts to tell that to him.


  1. lol, clever little incentive! But you should have faith, no matter how ridiculous and impossible it is! =P
    I have never been in a marathon, let alone one uphill! Goodluck to him and you and your son next year!

  2. thank you! i asked him last night how excited he is… i think i’m more excited than him…

  3. Haha. Even if he makes it first a good hug and kiss after an 18K hike is worth a Rolex Daytona. Or am I overstating things? ^^;
    And yeah Ms. Betch, if you find my blog contents appreciable please do fave me in technorati. ^^; Thanks.

  4. Is this the same marathon that Jang Dong Gun promoted with KTH, the pink ribbon marathon? Did you meet our idol ? Lucky girl !

  5. @gidget>> nope it’s not the same marathon… i think that one was for the breast cancer org in korea and it was held in Busan, about 5 hours south of seoul

  6. If I was your husband I would probably nearly kill myself to win the race for that watch. Of course I have a small fascination with watches and have always dreamed of owning a Rolex…. of course if you have a real Rolex on your wrist you have a higher chance of getting mugged on the streets….
    Okay, I don’t want a Rolex anymore…. but it was nice of you to offer one to him.

  7. hi
    I just read this article and I am quite interest about “Inwangsan” race as I am living close to. May you indicate me how to register for next time (website) ? At the end what was the position and time of your husdband
    Thanks in advance

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