Lee Byung Hun's new drama "Iris"

I’m so glad to read that Lee Byung Hun will be back on the boob tube via the drama IRIS. This is his first after the highly successful “All In”, where he met and fell in love with Song Hye Gyo, about five years ago. He was in the Philippines last year with Josh Hartnett and Takuya Kimura filming his Hollywood debut “I Come With the Rain.”
Lee Byung Hun is one of my favorite actors. Though not as good-looking (subjective) as Jang Dong Gun, he’s definitely not lacking in the acting department. IMO, he’s one of Korea’s really good actors (even better than my favorite — again, subjective). I am surely going to wait for this drama.


  1. the first time i saw lee byung hun, i wondered what was so special about him coz his photo was captioned “the richard gere of Asia…” [[ops tapos ibang hollywood actor pala yon, pero parang yon naaalala ko.. pero basta it was “””(hollywod actor,s name) of Asia”””]]
    i havent seen all in but i saw one of his movies and yeah, he’s not that really good looking compared to some of my favorite korean actors but he really acts so well…

  2. ~~I just saw the trailer to “I Come With the Rain” and that movie looks awesome. It’s a thriller/suspense and it looks like one of those movies you won’t forget. And LBH looks fierce in the movie too. I don’t get why people say he is not that good looking I think he is. ๐Ÿ˜› ~~

  3. @jehan >> never heard that he’s the “richard gere of asia” but he probably is… i find him really suave (like in All In) and probably the best kisser (how did i know?) among Korean actors?
    @AzureWolf >> i’m a girl… i found myself infatuated with her beauty
    @Jennifer >> thanks for the heads-up… i’m gonna check the trailer…

  4. My friend Chai and I like him. I especially like his acting on Bungee Jumping On Our Own and Joint Security Area (with Lee Young Ae). Of courese I love him in Beautiful Days ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. sorry ate betchay, ngayon lang naka-drop by ulit.. yeah, he was in an ala-richard gere movie that’s why his photo then was captioned as such… i’m not sure kung anong movie na yon…

  6. I just read that Kim Tae Hae will now be Lee Byung Hun’s partner in Iris. It’s okay, but I’m disappointed because Son Ye Jin was previously selected for this drama. I think SYJ declined. SYJ is a very good actress. All I can say is good luck to KTH.

  7. KTH Will be perfect!!!
    I cant w8 this drama to be aired in the Phil!!
    i dnt care if its abs or gma i will surely watch this drama!!!!!

  8. i watched this drama online. the best k-drama ever!
    ate betchay share ko lang po sayo ha.. before hindi ko alam bakit lagi pinapanood sa akin ng hubby ko puro movies ni lee byung hun like bungee jumping, everybody has secret, once in a summer, blah blah
    then later on na-gets ko na kasi kamukha pala nya hehe ang kapal ng mukha ng asawa ko haha ^^ pero hawig sila in some ways.. lalo na yung smile at gesture. take care po~

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