Fashionistas at the Baeksang Arts Awards

Don’t you just love to see (and judge) what your favorite (and not-so-favorite) stars are wearing during an awards ceremony? Just like at the 2008 Baeksang Arts Awards, photographers and fans alike snapped pictures of the stars (female mostly) and their clothes. Choi Yeo Jin received a lot of attention and see for yourself why…
Click on the pictures to enlarge:
Park Jin Hee, Han Ye Seul, Han Yeong
Lee Ji A, Park Shi Yeon, Kim Jeong Eun
Ryeo Won, Yoon Eun Hye, Go Ara, Han Hyo Ju, Lee Yeon Hee
Kim Hee Ae, Choi Yeo Jin, Park Jeong Ah
Son Ye Jin, Yoo In Yeong, Kim Min Hee


  1. is she andy? the one in coffee prince? with pink clogs and blue gown? waaaa she’s really beautiful and looks like she gained weight already 😀

  2. Han Ye Seul and Han Hyo Ju really catch my eye. Go Ara is surprisingly plain this time around!
    I wonder if anyone actually cares about the event itself rather than the celebrities who attend it! There is so little news on the former!

  3. @joanjoyce >> yup she’s the one… she has so many CF in Korea… really popular
    @AzureWolf >> well, it isn’t as prestigious as the Oscar’s

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