Choi Min Soo's in trouble

Choi Min Soo used to be in the list of my favorite Korean actors. I loved him in the hit Korean drama Sandglass together with Park Sang Won (Jang Dong Gun‘s co-endorser for Parkland), Go Hyun Jung (HIT) and Lee Jung Jae (Air City). However, I was quite disappointed to see him in The Legend or Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi, the drama topbilled by Bae Yong Jun. He looked a bit older than I thought, yet he’s only 47.
Choi Min Soo is in the news for punching an old man. He had a press conference today and asked for an apology. News reports said that his victim is hospitalized but not serious. Mr. Choi acted like he was in the Sandglass.


  1. I heard that some elders really abuse their seniority in Korea, so is this really all that shocking? Of course it’s wrong, but it had to happen sooner or later from what I’ve heard.

  2. ^^ i’m just shocked that he doesn’t look as dashing before… he isn’t aging gracefully

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