The Sho-Al game (or Kim Beom)

My son’s most favorite commercial nowadays (replacing Jang Dong Gun’s) is the Sho-Al game featuring the cutie Kim Beom (in his pink shirt). He just couldn’t get enough of that CF that we had to watch it over and over for almost an hour last night. He kept on laughing at the scene where Kim Beom sorta made a mistake.

Kim Beom debuted in 2006. He was in the MBC produced High Kick and Rude Woman. He was also introduced in the movie Hellcats early this year. Later, we’ll see him in the upcoming Song Seung Hun comeback drama East of Eden.
Want to see more of Kim Beom’s cuteness? You should visit his Cyworld page. Or see tons of images on this Daum page.


  1. Hi Betchay! He is really cute. I’ll tell my Unni friend about the East of Eden drama. She loves Song Seung Hun. Thanks.

  2. Awwwwww… That is a cute commercial, and it must be adorable to see your son react to it.

  3. i like his hairstyle, i want it! di ko lang alam tawag dyan so i don’t know how to get that kind of hair style hehe

  4. hi, have you seen Kim Beom in person? How i’d love to go to Korea just to see him (and them) in person! ahahha…
    I really like your website kabayan (if I may say that). I’m really interested in learning more about Korea.. I’m pretty sure your site will be helpful. Thanks.

  5. i love KIM BUM…
    speciall his kiLLer smILe..
    i want to see you in person..
    hope you can visit (f4) in the philippines..
    saranghae yo f4…

  6. Hi! I would like to ask if he really debuted last 2006? Coz as far as I know he is only 19 years old this 2009 and I also watch TV PATROL and SNN they said kim bum or kim beom of F4 is only 19 yrs old. Aja! Gamsahamnida!

  7. . kim bum mkes me happy when he smile in boys over flowers he makes me when he help kim so eun in that movie.. i love kim like my family. if he could accept my request i request that he vist us hhere in koronadal with kim so eun!!and they will sleep to us..

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