Wedding anniversary

My husband reminded me this morning that it is our wedding anniversary today. We were married in June 2003 in the Philippines in a civil ceremony but we had a Korean wedding ceremony in May 2004. It wasn’t our idea, we didn’t want to have a wedding party but the parents-in-law were worried of what the people might say if we didn’t have one. Anyway, it wasn’t a lot of trouble. They planned everything and we just had to be there. One thing I regret though, I was at my fattest self on my wedding day. I didn’t know about Phentermine that time.
On our wedding day, my then four-year old niece Isabel was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an extracranial solid cancer according to Wikipedia. She had undergone several surgeries, chemotheraphy, radiation therapy and even stem cell transplantation. She is eight years old now and so full of life. She sings well and when you talk to her, you would think she’s older than her biological age — not sure if that’s really a good thing.


  1. tnx for the comment re kidney sale. no one can blame your brother for the kidney trade. his daughter’s life was a risk. bu then again, wasn’t there anyone in the family who marched?
    1 M pesos is a lot of money. my daughter, a doctor, told me that squatters from payatas are selling their kidneys for a measly 70K-120K in exchange for a few months of financial bliss and a lifetime of sickness? frailty?… i guess we really cannot judge them.

  2. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. How sweet of your man to remember it for you.
    She’s a very pretty, courageous girl – your niece.
    Thanks for dropping by my site.

  3. Oh, happy belated anniversary! I think it is important to celebrate special days, but I do not enjoy doing so myself.
    Your niece is beautiful! I am glad she is a-ok.

  4. Hello..Happy anniversary to you!..
    Your niece is so pretty..What grade is she now?..Hope she’ll always be fine..(:

  5. @thank you guys… i just talked to my sister yesterday and she said that my niece is over chemotherapy now…

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