Charice Pempengco (체리스 펨핀코) on Oprah!

I missed Charice’s performance on Oprah. AFN (Armed Forces Network) was pulled out from our channel list two weeks ago. There are a few English channels on Korean television. We used to have CNN, Arirang and AFN but they’re all gone now. I just have to be contented with OnStyle, Discovery and FoxTV. Anyway, TG that the video is available on Oprah’s website and of course, Youtube…


  1. She did very well, and a standing ovation from the audience.Oprah loved her. I’m so proud of her.

  2. Her performance made me all teary-eyed…awwww. She was just here in Hawaii last Saturday May 10 (Her birthday by the way) along with Wowowee. It was awesome seeing her perform live. That young lady is well on her way to Stardom.

  3. i’ve been reading the messages on Oprah’s board and i’m glad that so many liked her performance

  4. Wow, she has really improved! She was amazing before, but this is just astounding! Can really play the stage too, very nice, haha.

  5. ^^ i thought so too… and she doesn’t even have a professional trainer, only her mom

  6. the song just brought me to tears she is so amazing ,i am going thought a lot of sad things and it made me feel warm in side thank you charice.may god bless you

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