another Pinoy wins an international public speaking contest

I stumbled upon this article and a video of a 16-yr old Pinoy, Gian Dapul, who won the top spot in the English Speaking Union’s International Public Speaking Competition held in London on May 9th. If you would recall, Patricia Evangelista won in the same competition too four years ago with her speech on Filipino Diaspora.
Gian Dapul’s winning speech
the video of Gian delivering his speech


  1. wow! i read his speech and i just found myself crying… parang ganito din mga pangarap ko when i was about to graduate in high school but they did not materialize. however, with my work right now, i read about 30-40 engineering invention patents everyday to edit their technical abstracts done by my fellow engineers and i’m just glad to read the works of these inventors– from all walks of life from all over the world (actually ranging from uneducated to well-educated people)… and sad to say, for my year and a half stay here (pioneer pa ko sa project na to), i only got to read 3 Philippine patents…
    i hope our government will really fully support research and development in our country… at dost, there are already lots of pre-feasibility studies done on numerous possible inventions, discoveries and interesting research topics.
    sorry ate betchay… napahaba yung comment ko… haay…

  2. sorry i had to use the term “”uneducated”” coz one time i heard someone say “”ano ba naman yan, uneducated”” it was a rather strong term to refer to someone not so acquainted with the atm… and i just really fought with myself not to retort to the lady who said it coz she just doesnt know that some of the things right now that make our life comfortable are actually invented by “”uneducated”” people..
    in the philippines, you are given less opportunity if you are not a college/university graduate…

  3. tl;dr <_< lol
    What little I did read and watch though was better than most native English speakers, haha.

  4. @benj >> thank YOU for sharing the video and the article
    @sollee >> and he’s only 16!
    @AzureWolf >> i didn’t read the whole stuff myself… 🙂
    @jehan >> hey! come here na… you can also add that in the philippines, you’re given less opportunity if you didn’t graduate from UP, UST, Ateneo, LaSalle or St. Paul’s 🙁

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