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I have some posts about Korean food on my blog. I intended to share some recipes before but for some reason, I wasn’t able to post more. I’ll probably do it on my other blog. I just thought about it today because my mother-in-law asked me to cook dwenjang jjige (bean paste stew) and jangjorim (beef stewed in soy sauce). She thinks I cook those two dishes better than her. 🙂
My mother-in-law’s kitchen is complete. She has a really nice pressure cooker/rice cooker, blender, food processor and one of the best crock pots there is. Only thing missing in her kitchen is an oven.
samgyetang is best cooked in a slow cooker
I’ve been looking for the best crock pots too. I really wanted to have one since there are several Korean foods best cooked in one. Have you tried the dish “kalbi jjim” or “stewed beef ribs”? That’s one of my favorite Korean dishes and having one of the best crock pots to cook it in simply makes the dish extra delish! It’s the same with “samgyetang” or “chicken in ginseng”. Aside from food, slow cookers are also used here to boil Oriental medicines and teas.

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  1. ate you’re so lucky to have such good in-laws hehe far from what you would usually hear or read regarding Korean and non-Korean relationships. About the beef stew, how is it like? Is it like our bulalo? Hehe haven’t been in a Korean restaurant/food chain so I haven’t really tasted any Korean meal.
    Edens last blog post..Got tagged! OvO v

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