Why I like The Face Shop

Have you ever been to The Face Shop? It is the cosmetics store endorsed by actor Kwon Sang Woo. Here in Korea, you can find The Face Shop in major shopping areas, subways (you read it right!) and hypermarts (good thing I haven’t seen them in furniture stores). I’m not really a big fan of their products, and most of the things that I have from them were given to me by my sister-in-law. What I usually buy from them are things like cotton, sponge, and brushes. I tried their oil free BB cream and I liked it, but I’m now using something better.
Last Friday afternoon, I went to The Face Shop and bought a sunblock cream for my son. One tube is 6,500 won. Then I also bought a lipstick brush for me for 2,000 won. My total purchase is 8,500 won. Pretty cheap, isn’t it? Now the best part are the freebies that they gave: a bottle of 옥수수차 (ok-su-su cha or corn tea), a bar of Lindt mint dark chocolate (one of my faves), two sets of toner/skin lotion samples, and a sample of their new Vitamin C product, Pure Vita. Plus one of their staff looked after my son while I shopped and that’s priceless.
Why I like The Face Shop? Best customer service there is in Korea!


  1. i like The Face Shop too! There’s a new branch that opened at a mall near my dorm..so, i can easily get there when i ran out of their Facial Mist….my fave product!^__^x

  2. I’m more of a Skin Food fan when I was in Korea. There’s SF here but sobrang mahal! -_- doble-presyo. I bought there wine moisturizer for men for 7000won-300pesos. In Ayala Town Center SF it’s 850php. o.O
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  3. Yeah The Face Shop is really good with customer service. Whenever I have to buy make-up for my mom and sister, I buy it from Face Shop and I send it back home to the Philippines(because The Face Shop in the Philippines is quite expensive). Everytime, I shop there I always get something extra in return (One time I got a complete set of “The Wrinkle Stop” skin line from them, I even got a leather suitcase for free….of course the kind of free gift you get depends on how much you buy from the store).Actually,most of the time I get more free stuff because I always buy from the same branch of The Face Shop here in Uijeongbu and because of that most of the people there are already familiar with me (specially when Christmas time comes and I have to send gifts back home…..kkkk).
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  4. Wow!! I love The Face shop here in the Philippines. I use their hair products and face powder.
    I really love that store!

  5. I always wondered why the supermarket in Ktown was called Hmart! Now I know! The best (and least-likely) thing I could come up with was Hangul Mart, lol.
    Man, you’re really getting educational, Betchay! Are you preparing for a certain job? =P

  6. OOh. There are a lot of Face Shop boutiques here in the Philippines. It’s just a bit more expensive I think compared to what you described . It’s almost the same price as the Body Shop here. I tried buying several Face Shop products, and i think that they’re great. It’s just that I noticed that most of their products cater to almost exclusively to the needs of KOreans and not for their Southeast Asians clients with darker complexion. jUST an observation.

  7. i tried their products namely the products for sensitive skin and it’s really effective after 2wks of using the pores become visible and lighten the skin.

  8. yeah due to watching We Got Married (on Line) I got to know about BB Cream and that it is available at The Face Shop. Well i bought one (php500.00) it’s a concealer pala and I found it great. My skin didn’t erupt cuz that was my problem when I use foundations or pressed powder. Face Shop got good customer service really.

  9. I’m about to search some infomation & reviews about The Face Shop. I want to search The Face Shop’s skincare for the combination skin. Could you advise me????

  10. yeah, i love the face shop too. i tried their facial wash first and then after two weeks i ended up purchasing toner, facial moisturizer and hand lotion! the price here in the philippines is too expensive, but i’m satisfied.

  11. i just finished a year contract here in korea as an artist and im going back to philippines in a week and im planning to sell my excessed make up products from the faceshop with good deals and prices which are indeed quite cheaper than the actual selling price at the faceshop stores in the philippines..so girls please add me if you got friendster account.its jhina_2308@yahoo.com you can also send me messages @ 09159832688 for more info. thanks

  12. i agree. the last time i was there with my friends, we shop on every faceshop that we see. so love the freebies! but i was kind of disappointed when faceshop came here in the philippines because the number of freebies we got in korea is comparable to the one we have here.

  13. believed me…. all my beauty products are from THE FACE SHOP… there make-up really suits my face.. i never had a pimple whenever i used thier products…. now i bought facila mist,pore minimizer, and face mask here in philippines its quit expensive but for me worth it…

  14. Hi, I heard so much wonderful stories about the Faceshop products and have bought and used them also when I visited Korea. They are great! However, I’m asian too, so I’m wondering if it would cater to europeans too? Is their product line mostly suitable for asian skins? I noticed ofcourse they opened stores in Australia and the US, but in these countries and territories are relatively a lot of asians, much more then Europe. Please give me your opinion

  15. i’m a new fan of faceshop face masks now. I got faceshop products from korea and got a lot of freebies (more than what i bought). have’nt been to any of the faceshop store here in the phil though. i regret not buying enough faceshop products while i’m in korea…faceshop are so cheap there:)

  16. The Face Shop is the best store I discovered. I can’t describe how I love their products. I become a beauty skin care enthusiast because of their skin care products. Really love their store. Every products I bought from them are so worth it. Love their pore minimizer, scrub, masks, cleanser, serum, and foundation. I can’t say more, my skin loves their product ♥

  17. hi!!balak q san magresell ng bb cream..the face shop, missha and skin79 sana..pwede mu bng i check kng magkakanu? thnks!!^^

  18. i think im the only one who is neglected any sort of customer service from face shop here in the phils. i always buy from te festival mall branch and the salesladies were ‘snob’. maybe it’s because i am young? or because i only come to buy ‘cheap’ things there like masks? well im sorry, but thats the only thing i can afford with my allowance savings. everytimr i go there i feel judged

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