Traffic and GPS tracking

We had a 3-day weekend due to the Memorial Day falling on a Friday. We spent our vacation traveling to two cities and through heavy traffic. What was usually a 2-hour drive became four hours. That’s really frustrating specially when you don’t have a navigation system that has GPS Tracking so it could tell you which roads have the heaviest traffic.
Whenever I hear the phrase GPS Tracking, the movie “Enemy of the State” comes to mind. Have you seen that film starring Will Smith? It was shown 10 years ago and it used to give me the creeps that your location could actually be traced. I was totally against that idea years ago. I thought it violates privacy and it’s a lunacy to trace someone’s location, like that of a wife tracking her husband’s whereabouts, or an employer making sure that his employees are where they should be at.
Times have changed and my opinion of GPS Tracking technology has changed too. My husband even talked of getting a GPS device for our son after hearing news of some kids being abducted. We also worry about our parents and it would give us a peace of mind to always know their location. And of course, like what I’d previously mentioned it would aid in our frustration whenever we’re traveling so we could hopefully avoid heavy traffic!


  1. Awww… It is a nice thing to have now, but I don’t know if it will be an option when he hits his teens, haha.
    GPS tracking for driving is a godsend, IMO. If you got lost using a map and directions you printed out online, you were done for. However, with GPS, the sucker just recalculates for you and you can continue on your way with minimum time lost.
    I think the exchange for privacy is worth the peace of mind – unless you go to many DVD rooms or something!

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