Bae Yong Jun, looks like Song Hye Gyo?

A post on a bulletin board on Bae Yong Joon and Song Hye Gyo caught my eye. Does the star of the Korean drama The Legend look like Lee Byung Hun’s ex-girlfriend? The pictures being compared are that of Yonsama and Hye Gyo at the airports of Japan and Hongkong, respectively. Both were wearing what seems to be vintage sunglasses and black blazers. Lots of funny comments on the board. Do they look alike? Oh well, they’re both beautiful.
Photo from Daum board above


  1. I’ve seen recent pics of BYJ and I noticed that he looks awefully feminine these days. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not used to seeing him that way. I miss his Winter Sonata days.

  2. Yep, their features do seem alike in this pic. Except that they have a different face shape

  3. I personally do not see the resemblance… Their facial structure might be the same, but the features look different (at least in these photos). I mean, in that photo, they look like they have the same facial structure as MJ, lol!
    Unlike MJ, that is not to say either of them look bad, haha.

  4. As a disclaimer, I should add that I know nothing about look-alikes and am also a guy. =P

  5. not really. i still can recognize bae yong joon from the pic. i like his hair though. any haircut, he still looks good. but i miss his true to love and winter sonata looks.saranghe bae

  6. I’m a fan of Bae Yong Joon too ^^ and I found the page, they have a hug and updated collection of Bae Yong Joon’s pics, vids and news. Hope you enjoy it ^^

  7. song hye gyo was lee byung hun’s ex? is really news for me…but what went wrong?? seems like korean celebrities know how to keep their private life “private” unlike our own filipino stars…they do wash their dirty laundry in public..stuffs like that…

  8. It’s great, i love them b0th, i am really a fan of Bae Yong Jun and Song Hye Gyo, .. There’s a similarity with them i think its their outfit, sunglasses. . .But i still rec0gnize which is which,. They l0ok g0od, ahm, i wish they will do a lot of m0vies together,. They’re great actors.

  9. basta si BYJ, walang kamukha para sa akin. nag-iisang sya sa mundo…love it…especially when he’s long hair..guapo talaga

  10. he looks amazing no mater what, his glasses suits his personality, and it’s so cool that he wear them’ there are actors that feel that it doesnt suit them. he is beautiful

  11. hahahahaha Oh I love them Both รขโ„ขยฅ
    ur so hunk gorgeous Bae yong Joon! hahahhahaah
    You look good together..
    Hope u both will have Tv series ๐Ÿ™‚

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