Favorite Skin Food products

UPDATE: Interested in purchasing Skin Food products in Korea? Visit Korean Cosmetics Shopper.
Skin Food is another popular cosmetics (화장품 – hwajangpum) shop in Korea. It’s a little bit pricier than The Face Shop but they do have better products, IMO. The company is endorsed by actress and former Fin KL member Sung Yu Ri. You may remember her from the drama “Snow Queen” where she played the role of Bora, Hyun Bin’s character’s love interest.
I prefer Skin Food’s Mushroom BB Cream ($12) better than The Face Shop’s Quick n Clean Oil Free BB Cream. I love its scent and it has SPF 20. I also like their White Grape powder pact ($12) in 23. When I last visited the store, I also bought their Grain cleansing foam (around $6), brown eyeliner and peach pink lipliner.
I really prefer The Face Shop’s freebies. They don’t give as much freebie in Skin Food but it’s okay. I get to experiment with their make-ups (but Laneige still wins with their trial make-up counter). I just love that these two stores sell not-so-pricey items. I need not worry even if our cabinet knobs are broken and my son constantly play with my things. Nope, he doesn’t put on my make-up but he likes to open and close my compact.


  1. lol, your son sounds so cute. When will we get to see a video of him instead of still shots? =P
    I like products that offer sun protection, since the sun does so much damage to the skin…

  2. Oh. I didn’t know that SkinfOOD is Korean owned. Hmm.I think I saw one boutique here in Sm North. I haven’t really tried buying from the store. I think it’s as expensive as Face Shop here. Perhaps I’ll try it soon. How about Elianto? I saw an Elianto store here. I’m not raelly sure though if this is Korean too. And also, have you heard of Eleana? It’s a natural and organic skin product fast becoming famouse here in the Philippines. I tried using their products. really smells so yummy!

  3. @ sarah
    im not sure if an elianto product line really exist in korea but they definitely repacked korean products. i’m using their green tea facial wash and scrub coz i ran out of my DEOPROCE grean tea facial wash (which we buy from a totally korean culture-popped boutique in baguio city. Deoproce was formerly endorsed by Song Hye-Kyo). Deoproce is really effective.
    you can also try VOV cosmetics and facial skin care products. they have a stall at sm north edsa’s watsons-department store and at trinoma. i love their BB cream and concealers. hehe…
    my sister in singapore likes make up from the face shop and skin food but i find skin food expensive compared to VOV products…
    by the way, if you are really interested in korean beauty products, try dropping by Moderato boutique of Porta Vaga bldg, located at Session Road, Baguio City. they have wide variety of korean beauty products you’ll love coz they really work…

      1. Hi Jane,
        Just wondering if VOV cosmetic products still in circulation in Korea. I’ve been a patron of their two way cake foundation (beige no. 23) and cover foundations for many years and I was advised that the supply of the VOV brand has been discontinued here in SM and Landmark malls, hence the disappointment on my part. Just wondering where can I get said products without going to Korea. Your feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks very much!

  4. Hi, I somehow came across you blog about skinfood. with come to my happy to see that I’m not the only one that like it so much. the only problem I have is that i live in NY,USA and I try to find a website of skinfood in english that will sell skinfood product online and ship over sea. would you by any chance know any of such a website??
    thank you. ^^

  5. I love BB cream!! I get so many compliments on how good my skin looks!!!
    Do you know a brand of BB cream that has a high spf? right now I’m using Etude House brand because it was the highest I could find (spf 30). Its not as moisturizing as I would like it to be.
    you can find skin food and other korean skin care products like innisfree, face shop, misscha, and etude house on ebay.

  6. I received a rice mask sample a few days ago and i love it. Unfortunately, there’s no specific instruction on the usage and I’m afraid I might overuse it. Any idea? Thanks.

  7. i love the skin food. it made my skin clearer and less dry and oily. i love the skin care lines. it is more expensive than face shop and elantio. elantio is either a taiwanese or chinese brand but they have good product too. but so far skin food has a reason why the’re expensive. the products are really good.

  8. @saranya >> i saw two Missha’s in NYC in 2006 🙂 seems like no Skin Food though, but like Angela had suggested, you can check out ebay
    @mica >> oh you’re lucky! Laneige is fine but it isn’t for me.
    @Liza >> just leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes and then wash off
    @regina >> i haven’t seen elantio here… i’m gonna try other skin food products in the future

  9. i just checked the singapore website and yeah, the prices are double compared to that of in korea

  10. hi there!my korean has been telling me that skin food is a korean product & she says that it’s really nice.Also, the brand “Elianto” nice too & it’s also from korea she says. She let me try it & i really want to buy those products but they’re quite expensive.
    aikas last blog post..Whatta day!

    1. hi aika! i’m not really familiar with elianto but there are hundreds of korean cosmetic brands (like there are hundreds of korean pop groups)… skin food is one of those that i really like… i just love the smell of the white grape pact

  11. hihi!! I’m the fans of THE SKIN FOOD.I like their products very much….but….expensive in malaysia…i almost spend RM1000++ in this products..but some of the product does not released in malaysia..there are many other products in SKIN FOOD that i wish to buy..but…have to but partially..

    1. i checked the Skin Food website in malaysia and it didn’t surprise me to learn that the prices are double that of korea’s…

  12. hello..
    i am Filipina who happens to be acquainted with the Korean culture.
    i am also fond of cosmetics and stuff.
    i bought a BB Cream in Inisfree when i visited there. its not so good. it has no spf and its a bit oily too. now, i got Missha BB Cream, the red label. It has spf 42.. good for my freckles.
    i just wanna compare if Skinfood is better than Missha’s?^^
    i have two product from Skinfood.. 2-way powder foundation and mousse eyeshadow. i like the powder way much better.
    hope you could assess (?) ^^

  13. I too love skin food as it certainly makes my skin look better and younger looking. Trouble is, I find it hard to get hold of it where I live.
    Can anyone offer an alternative, or provide a web address where I can buy some online?

  14. umm..does skinfo0od products work on any kind of skin?!i mean they wont produce any acne after using it?!

  15. hello… I’m a big fan of skin food too and I also use the same mushroom BB cream. ask ko lang, do I need to use cleansing cream to remove it? I only use facial foam kasi.

  16. hey..i just new to korean products recently.
    they have few brands as what i know..such as elianto, face shop, missha, laneige and etc..
    im looking for sun care product which is suit for my combination skin.. gals, do you all have any recomend? i will prefer spf 20-30 with PA.

  17. I am wondering why such products are not promoted world over. Believe me, I haven’t heard about them ever. Perhaps this is blessing of internet which always keep us informative.

  18. I just surfed into Skinfood Singapore’s website and now they seem to have added shopping carts to their products! Seems like it has turned into an online store.
    Glad to find it so that I can ship my favourite items over. 🙂

  19. Hi, good thing i happen to stumble into this page…to those here in the philippines, you may visit our stores at: sm north edsa, sm megamall, trinoma landmark, trinoma (near foodcourt), sm mall of asia (ground floor, across toby’s), sm baguio, sm davao, glorietta 3, rustan’s essences in glorietta and at robinson’s place ermita (2nd floor near mcdonalds)

  20. hellow dhix! it would be super great if you could post your contact number per store!:) i tried to look in the internet and clickthecity.com gave me a “not yet in service” number 🙁

  21. Hey, i love skinfood products. i bought it when i was in singapore for holiday. I am based in Australia and was wondering whether is there any ways of ordering products from Korea?
    Looking forward to your reply.

  22. I am a lover os SKINFOOD products also, last time i use to buy at Malaysia but i can not find any at Perth here….Wish to know which outlet have this or any website to purchase.

  23. i love SKIN FOOD too, is it double the price too in the philippines like malaysia? if yes, i might as well buy some here before i go back to the philippines. ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

  24. Dear all,
    I am an spree organiser for Faceshop,Skinfood, Laneige products. All items get from Korea directly.
    If interested, do drop me a message and your email address..i will reply asap..

    1. Hi there, I am interested in ordering Skin Food products from Korea, do you have any contacts in Korea where I can order from, wholesale?

  25. Hello writer! Would like to know how much you pay for the mushroom bb foundation cream? U stated $12? What currency is that? Cause my last trip to Malaysia and I paid close to RM70 for that foundation!

  26. @spreeorg
    I am interested in buying Laneige products. Been looking for a spree for so long. Do you have a website?

  27. I love face shop raspeberry sleeping mask and the essences..the price is RM89.90(100ml) for the mask and essences RM65.90(50ml). Do try it and enjoy the supple.. youthful and face lifting up skin each time you wake up..every skin gonna love it..trust me!

    1. @rushda >> thanks for the tip! i might just go to The Face Shop and try those products… i also need to buy a new set of cosmetics 🙂

  28. I like Skinfood products because it’s made up of natural stuff and it’s very affordable! I also like their booths and stores in the malls. It looks so inviting. It really makes people come in and get a closer look at their wide array of beauty loot.

  29. Hi I happened to buy a SKIN FOOD Rice Wash off from an Ebay seller in the Philippines, it was really cheaper compared to the malls (even though I needed to pay for shipping costs) but she offers free shipping if you buy 3 or more. and also 5% off if you refer her.
    Please tell her you got referred by “Mya Sebastian”
    Thank you very much! here’s the link to her ebay store

  30. whaah..Girls are girls…girl talk eto..ok, pa join…
    Skin food beauty products are really effective. Im currently using, skin food Gold Caviar toner, Emulsion, cream,lifting prime skin, Sweet potato prime base,sweet potato hydra cushion pact SPF25 PA++, black bean eye brow pencil, apple vinegar fresh foam, Grap seed oil body shower, Im also using the Face shop Emulsion white Tree, and laneige foundation.I usually mix everything… kaya go Girl…feed your skin naturally and see the difference..
    Don’t you think Skin food should pay us for all these testimonials?lol

  31. Girl, parehas tayo – I love Skinfood White Grape Fresh Pact in 23 din. Add ko lang Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder and Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off. Totally leaves my face shine-free, oil-free, soft and smooth. Skinfood is loving me, that’s why I’m loving it, too =)

  32. I really love/ obsessed of The Skin Food products. I got a gift pack for my wedding prezents by a best fren last year. My favourite is the Frest Lime Body Cream. Had calluses & scars on my leds & feet, after 1 month of religiously applying it before sleep, they are all gone. I tend to get eczema in winter, now no more eczema. I sooooo love the product. My stretch marks on my things & tummy are all gone too. Other favourite products are the facial masks.

  33. All Skinfood Products are nice, from Skin care, Hair care, Make up, and Body care.. I love skinfood products and Im happy because we have here in Davao.

    1. Hi Clarisse! Wow, Skin Food talaga is everywhere… I like their store… ganda ng store nila 😀

  34. Where can I buy these skin food products? I will be staying in Jongro. How do I find the store? Thanks.

    1. hi jennifer! where in jongro will be staying? they have several stores in Jongro… there’s one near Tapgol park

  35. At Yims House in Waryong-dong. How do I go to Tapgol Park from Yims? Thanks so much, Betchay!

  36. 4 days ago, I bought products from SKIN FOOD and I love it!!! I tried famous products to moisten my facial skin and yet SKIN FOOD products are the only one that absorbed and left my skin soft and smooth all day long. I used the cucumber and lettuce moisturizer. SKIN FOOD is located in Glorietta 3, Makati City.

  37. I just bought Skinfood Fruit Juice Toner and Anti Wrinkle serum from Skinfood’s shop at SM North Edsa. I tested the Toner on a small portion of my neck and felt a slight itch a few minutes later. There is no red mark though. For those of you who have tried Skinfood, is this normal?
    I used Elianto for a short time before. Kumati din ang mukha ko. By the way, I think Elianto is a Malaysian brand but the products are made in Korea.

  38. hi, i’m Irene from Indonesia. I’m in love with skinfood products, but I’ve difficulty in buying, coz the counters are located in other town. Other than that, it’s way more expensive compared to the price in korea. Do you offer skinfoos spree direct from korea? and can I pay you through paypal? thanx

    1. hi irene! i have a contact in indonesia, she orders from me and i send her products to singapore… i’ll reply later when i get home

      1. hello po! may I ask where you are based? and if you have a website where you sell skinfood?
        prices from online shops are waaaaaay cheaper than that of malls… hehehe…

  39. Hi.. pwede po ba akong bumili sayo? or do you have relatives that sell it here in the phils? kasi its alot cheaper e.. sa malls kasi double or triple ung price compared sa korea.. I hope I can.. thanks po.. ^__^

  40. Hi. I’m Anne from davao city philippines..i just would like to ask how much would it cost me if i’m going to buy the Skin Food Parsley Line? i mean form the facial wash, moisturizers, toner, facial mask, night cream and day cream? How about also the Salmon Eye Brightening? And lastly, how can i purchase it? what’s the method of payment? thank you very much….god bless…

      1. Hi,
        I am Janna from the Philippines and I am interested in reselling Korean cosmetics. May I ask where you are based?
        I am currently looking for a supplier outside our country since Korean brands like skin food and Lioele have very high prices here. If I can have a supplier who can give me items at a low price, I can definitely resell 🙂
        I would like to offer a business proposal. Can you send me your pricelist for me to view your quotation for the items? 😀
        By the way, whats your name sis?

        1. Greetings,
          PLease email wholesale price of SKIN FOOD all range product.
          Thanks n regards

  41. hi po miss. Betchay.gusto ko din po bumili ng skinfood,i sent email po sa inyo baka di mo narecieved kaya comment nalang ako dito ulit ,i want to buy the tomato whitening spot serum,pogmegranate sleeping mask,peach sake ice mist,meron pa po sana yung tomato line din….ang location ko po is Singapore,ask ko din po sana papano yung payment method.thanks po.

  42. Hi ms betchay! I want to try skinfood products esp those for pimples. I have so many pimples right now and having a hard time para mawala. The problem is, i’m preggy right now. Is their products safe for me? Im here in Korea and have seen so many skin food and Missa stores. May marerecommend ka ba? I believe mas mura dito kesa pinas. Thanks!

    1. sis! you’re based in Korea??
      Ive been looking for a supplier from there kasi. wanna sell korean cosmetics online 🙂
      maybe we can do some type of business partner. I heard mas mura jan ang skin food and other Korean items 🙂 please do reply. Thanx!

  43. I just start to use skinfood.I heard about them for awhile
    in Thailand it so famous, a lot of lady said Rice mark so good .Will see how it work for me.
    And Skinfood is from Korea

  44. i am so disappointed with skinfood in the philippines..their price is like 4-5x higher..example, nailpolish is 185-325 but then here in korea its only 50-75 pesos if converted!then the serum and creams are like 1,500 there..dito 500 lng!i feel bad for my fellow pinays who would like to buy skinfood products but are havn a hard time kasi its soo mahal there… =(

    1. Yes same in Thailand I think because they have to paid tax + bla bla bla
      but have a lot choice now like ebay or where ever you can find online for me I lived in Canada I started to used it first and i’m so in love with it.
      .-= nim´s last blog ..Hello =-.

  45. Hi, Betchay! Can you send me an email? I will order skinfood and other brands in bulk. I want to know your pricelist, terms and condition. Thanks 🙂

  46. meron po ba kayong alam na supplier ng skinfood and other korean cosmetic products? gusto ko kse mag sell/resell… thanks! hope you guys can help 😉

  47. hi! im leslie. interested po kc aq s skin food..coz i have so many pimples and dark spots..how can i purchase it?whats the method of payment?tnx

  48. hi nagemail ako sayo..i’m intersted to sell skinfood dito sa philippines na cheaper compared sa mall prices

  49. hi po, ask ko lng po kung anong product ang pwede kong gamitin at kung magkano, kc po meron akong mga freckles. sana po mareplayan nyo ako.
    thanks a lot!!!

  50. hi. Can you give feedback or reviews on their salmon eye brightening serum or cream.. Im planning to buy it kso need to know yung good and bad effect nya.. Sayang naman kc kung bibili ka then d effective. Nagtry ako mgresearch s internet ng product review nito kso sad to say isa lng ang review malaysian girl. Though mgnda yng comment nya but need to know other reviews. hope may mgreply thanks..:)

    1. Hi voodoodoll! marami nag-oorder niyan pero hindi ko pa rin nasubukan. Ang gamit ko now is Innisfree Summer Green Tea line.

  51. i hv hvy pigmentation on my cheek and my forehead.
    i feel miserable right now, is there a good product of Skin Food for me to bring off my problem? Plss… repond. i know there is a store At Alamanda shopping Complex in putrajaya Msia.

  52. thanks for replying betchay. i went to glorietta to ask for samples of this product. the samples is good for 2-3 days only, but its okay at least you can try it on your skin if its compatible or not. first night, when i applied it, no bad effects nman, no itchy feeling, no stingy eyes and di nman sumakit ulo ko. I have tried other products pagprolonged used sumasakit ulo ko dapat ata di lang dermatology tested, non-comodogenic, oil-free, water-based and of course opthamologist tested sya. after that night, when i woke up aba merong insect bites sa undereye ko OMG natakot ako super nice kase yng scent nya kaya naattract yng mga insects. Pero tinuloy tuloy ko parin yng gamit kinontian ko lng pea sized naparami kase yng una kong lagay. So after 3 days, I noticed that nagbribrighten yng undereye dark circles ko ilang araw ko plang natrtry..:) sana magtuloy tuloy sya.. I will post again after a week or two kung anung improvement or changes ang nangyari sa paggamit ko nitong product. Sabi nung shop assistant sa glorietta, sbayan ko daw yung salmon eye brightening cream and massage serum para maseffective, but i think its too expensive i buy the salmon eye brightening line. Sabi ko I will this salmon eye brightening serum muna if umipekto I will stick to it if konti lng changes I will buy the cream narin. Mas okay kc gamitin yng cream sa gabi nirerepair nya yng outside ng skin mo while serum will repair inside your skin. Ang pinaka importante sa higit sa lahat is to know your skin type first, read their product reviews in internet or kung may kakilala kayo na nakapagtry na. Para worth it naman yng money nyo. I heard good revies din sa ‘Avon Anew Eye Lifting gel for AM and cream for PM. Sa isang lalagyan na sya. hope this helps! spend your money wisely! make sure worth it yung pera mo.

  53. I like the Skin Food Product. I need to buy but I am not sure I can find in My Country, Indonesia…..

  54. hi ms. betchay,
    i so love SF products! but its so pricey! i’m interested in reselling their products but i don’t have any contacts there. you mentioned to get in touch with you if interested in buying..is this still on? do you have a price list? thanks much!

  55. Hi, i am interested in selling Skin Food here in Chian Mai, Thailand. The prices here are expensive
    I am currently looking for a supplier who can give me items at a low price so that I could sell the products here.
    Can you send me your pricelist in order for me to view your quote for each items? Thanks.

  56. Me too Ms. Betchay, can i have a copy of your pricelist for the Skinfood and Missha products? My husband who is presently working there is so busy that he can’t find time to shop for Skin Food products for me – much more to ship the items. Maybe, I can just ask him to send the payment to you. I’ll send you an email ok? Thanks in advance.

  57. I am interested in buying Skinfood but I live in the States. So I am not sure how it would work. Do you ship to the US?

  58. I was wondering does Skinfood offers online shopping because after I tried their products I really love it. Unfortunately,I live in Canada and I do not know anyone at Korea that can help me buy some of the products for me.

    1. Hi Helen! Skinfood offers online shopping to Korean residents only. I had sent Skinfood and Etude House products to Canada before. Send me an email if you’re interested.

  59. I would like to buy some Skinfood for my wife. Please send me your item list so i can order as soon as you can. Thankyou.

  60. hello! 😀 i’m interested in reselling Korean skin care products too. 🙂 please email me a list of stuff available?

  61. I’m Skinfood fan too.I lived in CANADA and i used :
    1.Lettuce & cucumber water drop =water jelly It’s so nice and good for all skin type.
    2.Peach Sake Pore Serum Great!!!!! my oily skin gone ^_^
    3.Apple Vinegar Fresh Foam smell so nice and again my oily skin gone.
    4.Rick mask wash off Give you a soft face.
    um..Just love it.
    .-= nim´s last blog ..Hello =-.

  62. Hi Betchay, I would like to purchase Skin Food, Etude & Laneige Products. Pls email me your price list and the charges your are charging for packing & sending. Thank you.

  63. Hi , I’m from Malaysia. I’m in my late forties. Can you suggest which Skin Food product is suitable for me. Please email me your price list of Skin Food, Etude & Laneige products and the charges your are charging for packing & sending. Thank you.

  64. My mom has many skin food products that she use.when we went to the mall,she saw their store.she bought 1 lip gloss and used it.after 2-3 days,her black lips became pinkish.so she buy now skin food products and she love it.me too,i love it because it made my mom beautiful and made younger and healed her beauty problems.

  65. is there any shop in ulsan?? i’ll be in ulsan so i’m wondering where is the shop. can anyone tell me pls??

    1. Hi Jibsy- There is a Skin Food counter at the New Core Outlet just a few blocks away from the Lotte Hotel here in Ulsan 🙂

  66. hy dear,
    im interested of skin food product.. can u qoute me the pricelist of each item and the pic too?
    thanks n regards,

  67. I am interested in buying Skinfood but I live in Albany, NY, USA. So I am not sure how it would work. Do you ship to the US?

  68. Hi,
    Whats the resell terms and condition ? I would like to resell this in Perth, Australia. PLease let me know how the process can be done. Please reply to my email. Thanks.

  69. Hello,
    Can you also provide with me a pricelist as well? A group of us are interested in buying in bulk. Shipped to North America.

  70. i really! really! really! really! wanna buy skin food products!! T___T
    but i live in Guam, please tell me you’ll ship here..

  71. Hi! I’m from the Philippines and I’m 46 years old. I have tried so many skin care products but none seems to cure my skin problems. So this time, I’d like to go natural and try skinfood. What can you recommend for my skin? I have fine lines on my face, wrinkles under my eyes,with enlarged pores, with oily to combination skin and freckles. Can I also buy from you? Skinfood products here in the malls are so expensive and no trial sizes. Sayang if it will not suit my skin. Alam mo naman housewife lang ako, pero I still want to look good for my husband and syempre to boost my confidence. Can I also have your complete price list? Gusto ko sanang gawing negosyo ito. Thanks in advance, and hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Ferlin! Sure I can send it to you. I’m still currently updating it. I’ll post it on my other website once I’m done with it.

  72. hi poh,,kindly email nmn poh un mga price list nio ng mga skin food products,,tnx poh,,im from the philippines,,do you shift products here?
    tnx a lot!!mhay_0828@yahoo.com..

  73. hi..kindly e-mail me din po yung price list ng mga skin food products..plus the shipping fee..and how can i order..thanx

  74. hi please send me pricelist together with products picture… then instruction on how to order and ways of payment

  75. hi ,. po. pa send po ng pricelist ng products,. mas mabab ppo ba price nio,. im from the philippines po,.. thank u.. 😀

  76. hi please email me the prices as well hope its considerable cheaper compared here =) im interested to purchase a skincare line that they proposed.

  77. Hi, I also like to resell skinfood, and other korean beauty products here in the Philippines.. Can I ask your price list? maybe you can be my supplier?
    thanks sis

  78. hey, what skin food products do you sell??what’s the price list and how much is the shipping fee for new york city..Thank you.

  79. hello mam Betchay… Im kinda interested of reselling skinfood products dito sa atin coz i find it really expensive here. Pakisend naman po sa email add ko ng pricelist ng mga products ng skin food as well as missha and faceshop pati na rin po yung terms of payment at shipping.
    Big THANKS in advance.

  80. help how and where can i get skinfood product in london?? i really love it, been using skinfood pumpkin moisturiser, lip and cheek tint etc for 3 years now.. my supplies won’t last for months anymore..pls.. pls.. help

  81. can you email me the prices of your bb cream? whats the best and affordale one so far? skin food? 🙂 enjoyed reading your blog btw.

  82. I love skinfood! =) everytime I visit korea I’d buy their BB creams and other stuff which I might not need but still end up buying ‘coz they looked nice! Although I also love tony moly products!

  83. hi i want to know the price of the BB cream..and can you tell me on how to order? im from phil.thank you

  84. hi im a new fan of skinfood but now im really interesting to this product can u send me the prices of the bb cream product and the best and affordable in skin foods product..really nice products..thanks

  85. hi.. i’m interested in the skinfood products.. can i have a price list for these products ur selling… thx

    1. hi g! I’ve posted the price list here somewhere but you could also visit Kpopmall. There are a few Skinfood products there. I’ve just gone to Skinfood last Monday and they gave me a lot of freebies. Will be posting the haul soon.

  86. I love them too! But unfortunately I’m living in Sweden and there’s no Skinfood here.. Do you know any webstores which are selling these?
    Please answer on my blog 🙂 Hugs!

  87. Hi to all! You can buy skin food products at selected SM Malls. Like me, I just bought some products of them at SM north edsa. It’s a little bit expensive, but the quality is guaranteed. I’m collecting different colors of their nail polish, it cost php400 each, depending on the type. I also have their different kinds of lipstick like the glossy one, the prices are; php675, php975, php1,150 depending on the type. I also got their face powder, it cost php1,150, php2,250 and more. If you want to see all their products, just visit their outlet SKIN FOOD since 1957 at selected SM malls like SM north edsa.

  88. To all out of the country. I don’t know where you can buy skin food products there. Just got my products only here in the philippines. Try to ask skin food or e-mail them.

  89. Hi! I am very interested in these Skinfood products. Can you pls send me a price list and shipping costs to Philippines? Thank you so much! God bless!

  90. hi, i am very interested to resell skin food product, can u contact me and let me know how u charge??? i am staying in singapore. i have a lot of friend using skin food product .can u send me the price list thanks

  91. hello..do you sell all products of skinfood?can you please reply..also with the price list..

  92. Their lip glosses and lipsticks smells so yummy too! They have lipsticks that actually has a coffee scent, and lip glosses that have rose scent.

  93. hi! im interested in selling those products here in phil. 🙂 masyado kasing mahal d2.. can ou send me the pricelist??

  94. hi there, I own an online shop and I’m looking for suppliers of korean cosmetics and accessories. Could you send me the pricelist of the items that you sell? thanks a lot =)

    1. hi! are you from philippines?i would like to buy korean cosmetics here in the philippines which is cheaper compared to mall prices.. thanks

  95. hello i would like to ask only if somebody knows what is the best skin care for melasma we will visit korea for 15 days can anybody suggest where i can buy a cream for my melasma i am using obagi now but ive heard korean skin care product is the best my melasma is a little bit only but i want to get rid of it ,thank you..

      1. thanks a lot Ms Beth ask ko lang if ok kung gagamit ako ng Bbcream once in a while kahit meron akong melasma hindi po ba makaka affect un bb cream for my lil melasma on my face thanks uli….

  96. ask ko din san ako makakabili ng cms cell fusion products punta ako sa korea on may 17 to may 31 thanks hope to hear from you soon.

  97. Hi,
    I’m from Philippines and interested to sell Korean cosmetic. Would you please email me at ann.paloma@ihg.com for the price list and description of your products. thanks! – Ann

      1. hello Ms. Bechay 🙂
        can you please send me me an email regarding the skin food and their price? I definitely want to order from you 🙂 i’m an online seller at facebook…
        I’ll wait for your email.. thank you ^_^

        1. whats the url of your page in facebook?i’m interested in buying skinfood from you if you happen to have their products

      2. Hi Ms Bechay,
        Can you please email me also the price list for skinfood and etude products. I am so ineterested sa mga products nila. Thanks so much.

        1. Hi Sheila! I deleted your email kasi baka may mag-send sa yo ng unwanted emails. Anyway, I’m still trying to finish the pricelist for resellers.

          1. Thanks so much Ms Bechay. Wait ko nalang email mo if avalable na…. I’m so excited na hehehehehe… maraming matutuwa kasi so so expensive talaga dito sa manila ng skinfood.

  98. Hi Ms, I want to sell korean products, too. Would you send me a pricelist? thanks 🙂

    1. are you selling korean products here in the philippines right now?i’m interested in buying if you have

  99. hi! am intetrested in your pricelist as well,would you be kind enough to send? thanks!! btw, i am based in the philippines. thanks again!

  100. Hi! I was wondering if you sold products for personal use as well (not for reselling), in other words in small quantity. If you do, please send me a price list. Thanks!! 🙂

  101. guys..pls give me some idea of wer i can able to buy that impressive skin care your talking about..
    ive heard that skinfood was rily effective,ny problem is i cant find any shop selling tat product..need help!

  102. Hi,
    I am interested in buying Gold kiwi line of skin food for personal use (Sun cream, toner, emulsion, cream and serum) can you send me their price list and approximately how much would it cost me to have it shipped here in the philippines? thanks

  103. Hi Ms. Betchay!
    I would also like to be a retailer of skin food products. Could you e-mail me at the e-add I used in posting this commend? Thanks!

  104. Hi Miss Betchay!
    I’d love to open an online shop selling Korean makeups. Do you have a pricelist? I’m based in the Philippines. 😀
    Hope to get a reply soon.

  105. hi everyone,
    i love skin food esp bb cream and other products nila actually its so expensive talaga pero sulit naman kc effective my bf will have a business trip in korea so nilista ko lahat ng skin food product kasi mas mura daw dun compare dito talagang mahal but u will love it pag ginamit na…
    joyce pangilinan

    1. Where u usually buy ur skinfood. Me i bought it in Ayala Cebu but when i checked at sasa.com its kind of cheaper. Have u tried buying online?

  106. Im a new user of skinfood gold kiwi line. Im a first timer. Hoping to see a better effects.. Im from Cebu Philippines.

  107. Hi Betchay, I am now in Melbourne, Australia, I really love skinfood products, I was wondering if i can get it from you. Could you give me the list of its prices. Thanks

  108. All natural alternative that would find me comfortable and fit to my skin types. I don’t have any chemical colors that can be seen in my face. I am purely natural lover.

  109. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    Good day!
    I am using Skin Food products and I soooo love them… I am interested in reselling SF products….. Please send me the pricelist plus the shipping rates… This is Ahyen from the Quezon Province, Philippines…. Please email me at ahyen_0822@yahoo.com..
    I’ll be waiting for your reply… Thanks much…

  110. Ms. Betchay,
    I am to start an online business and I never wanna miss offering skin food products for I love those myself… If you may send me the pricelist plus shipping cost please… I am looking forward to a flourishing partnership with you… I wanted to start really really soon….
    Email me at ahyen_0822@yahoo.com… I wanted to upload SF products sa business page ko, kaso I just need to confirm partnership with you… I f you please…

      1. Hi Ms. Betchay!
        Good day!
        I am here again… In case you forgot to send me an email… I’ll be waiting… Please send me the details… Include Etude and Missha… and don’t forget the mode of payment please…. Thanks much Ms. Betchay…

  111. Hello everyone! I’m fron Ukraine and I have a question))
    Here we don’t have such an opportunity to buy asian products at the store. It’s all about bb creams. I will order it on ebay, but how do you think skin 79 is good or Skin food is better?

  112. Hi! i tried skin food products and its a bit expensive than the other products that i tried using. However, price does’nt really matter since i obtained satisfaction from the quality of the product. Now, i wish to become a retailer of skin food, but i want to know where or how to register as one. Thanks!

  113. Hi Ms. Betchay, i want to start an online store… Pano po mag order sa inyo ng mga korean cosmetics? Tska pano po ung cost nun at yung shipping? Tska pagdating dito pagbabayad pa ba ng taxes lalo na at makita nila na puro korean cosmetics ang laman? Pwede po makahingi ng pricelist?(wholesale kung mron po kayo nun) Innisfree, Etude, Skinfood, and other sikat na korean brands? Thanks po… Sana mo my update

  114. Hi, I am looking for korean cosmetics such as skinfood, etude house, welcos and more. I
    Please kindly send us your catalogue for price of each item brands. (Request wholesale price)
    If I am satisfied with any kind of goods, I shall be to place an order with you in the very near future.

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