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A lot of blogs nowadays are earning bucks selling advertising space through content links and paid reviews or articles. Mine is not an exception. I started to monetize my blog two years ago with Google Adsense. I don’t earn much per day serving their ads here. I’ve so far encashed two checks from them totaling $330. Encashing a foreign check in Korea takes time and money. Citibank charges a whopping $100 but I’m glad I shopped around and found that KEB (Korea Exchange Bank) will take your check for a $10 fee. My Google payments are on hold. I’m waiting for the time when they’re going to introduce Western Union or something as convenient as Paypal in the future.
I’d started to “write” paid reviews beginning in February of this year. If you’re a regular visitor, you might’ve noticed that some posts seemed out-of-blog. 🙂 Kwim (know what i mean)? I’d signed up for more than a dozen pay-you-to-post sites. However, I’m only currently using two of those companies: PayU2Blog and Blogsvertise. The former is my favorite. I’ve written one blog post each for BuyBlogReviews and SponsoredReviews and four for Smorty.
PayU2Blog and Blogsvertise don’t require a disclosure. Their requirements for linking keywords are also not that difficult. The former pays $5 per ad (or sometimes more) and you’ll only need to link one keyword per post. It doesn’t have to be a full review. A segue is fine. They have an automatic approval system for your submitted posts. With Blogsvertise, a separate post is required for each company/product that you “review”. They require three or four links in a related post.
Back in April, I decided to do another blog because I was afraid that this blog has so much ads in it. However after visiting other sites, I was convinced that I’m not really overdoing it as much as I thought. I’d still like to do the other blog, I really just don’t have enough free time.


  1. I never found any of your ad-based posts overwhelming. I think it is a great idea and although blogging on Vox is free, the idea of making money from a hobby is a great idea.
    I know you are just trying to break even with the ads and what-not, but thanks a bunch for the references. Sounds like a great price and offer just for advertising… There has to be a catch. Do you only get $5 if someone clicks, or just for advertising?

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