Seoul Bus Route

I used to just take the subway wherever I go, but when I had my son riding a bus seems easier. Subways here are about two to four levels below and some don’t have escalators and elevators. Imagine carrying a child and having to climb two or three flights of stairs. The best thing about public transportation here is that you sometimes won’t have to pay separately when you go from the subway to bus or vice versa, as long as you have a transportation card (교통카드) and you transfer within 30 minutes.
While there are English signs on the bus, the map route at the bus stops are only in Korean. An easier way to find the bus that you need to take is through the Seoul bus route map. On the left of the website is a panel for you to input the departure and destination points. You can just type the name of the place and search. If there are similar names then you’ll have to choose which one it is. The result will show the number of the bus that you should take and where you should transfer if necessary.


  1. I used to take the bus a lot in Canada, but I am not that fond of it since there is no advantage like beating any traffic… Only reason I ever take the bus is if there is no subway near my destination.
    But I could see a stroller be a great incentive to switch, lol.

  2. There is a better way, at least for the people that can use maps. Go to Google maps, zoom in to Seoul. Find departure point, right click, choose “Find directions from here”. Then find distenation point and right click again, choose “Find directions to here” and Google gives you a few ways how to get there by public transportation. You just need to pick one the fastest or the most convinient for you.

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