Mabuhay! (a Pinay in a Korean ad)

Today is the Philippines’ 110th Independence Day! And I’m reminded of the ad that my friend Jasmine did for the Beautiful Foundation. Please watch the video on her site 🙂
Mabuhay is a Tagalog expression that means “Long live!” It is a greeting much like “Hello” in English or “Annyong haseyo” in Korean. I often hear it in beauty pageants. I wonder how often do common Filipinos say “Mabuhay”? I don’t use it unless it’s for fun. I also don’t remember greeting my friends using that word. Or even my teachers when I was in school telling us to use it to greet someone. We commonly just say “Hi!” to our friends or “Good morning/afternoon/evening” to our superiors.
Since it’s “Araw ng Kalayaan” or Independence Day, let me just greet you “Mabuhay!”


  1. wow! it’s really nice to know that there are still filipino peoeple outside the country who are confidently saying “mabuahy”! well then every one has a right to say what we wanted to say. we have our freedom of expression…..:)
    your site is really good…..
    bideaway i’m an avid fan of korean movies…..they really hit here in the philippines…..
    i hope to go to korea someday!…ehehhe:)

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